Karos Mobility: Carpool platform for daily commuting

Karos is the best AI-powered carpooling mobile app that offers optimised door-to-door itineraries. With Karos, carpooling becomes reliable, flexible and seamless, just like taking public transport.

Supported by: EIT Urban Mobility

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Accessibility & Inclusivity

Karos Mobility offers the most reliable carpooling service for daily trips in Europe. Karos Mobility's goal is to provide a sustainable mobility solution for rural and suburban areas, where driving a car is most of the time the only solution.
To do so, Karos Mobility works with companies willing to develop a carpooling service with exclusive benefits for their employees, and it collaborates with local authorities to set up a carpooling service adapted to the needs and specificities of their area; an inclusive mobility solution contributes to improving the accessibility of company sites and enhancing the purchasing power of employees (97€/month). The company also helps to reduce CO2 emissions for companies and regions in a significant way (13,600+ tons of CO2 emissions avoided since the creation of the service).