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Future Mobility Mobility Infrastructure
public transport, traffic management, artificial intelligence, pollution

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Municipalities, Infrastructure companies, Traffic management companies, Local government, Federal government



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Public Transport authorities, Municipalities, Infrastructure companies

ITC helps cities reduce traffic congestion in an easy and cost effective way without the need to make changes to the existing road infrastructure.

The software ITC is equipped with, uses machine learning and AI algorithms. It requires no additional infrastructure, it is easily deployed within the existing one and has demonstrated through projects the company has completed in the USA, Brazil, Israel, and Australia to reduce traffic by 30%. ITC provides a brain to the traffic grid: measuring traffic, predicting congestions and mitigating it through smart manipulation of traffic lights, long before the jams begin to form.

The company's computer vision algorithm uses off the shelf cameras to obtain life traffic data and detect the behavior of cars, public traffic and pedestrian with 99% accuracy during both day and nighttime.

Value Propositions

ITC solves congestion without modifying the existing infrastructure with the goal of eliminating traffic jams.

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