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Creating Public Realm Mobility Infrastructure Accessibility & Inclusivity
15-min-city, planning software, walking, cycling, tool

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municipalities, cities, counties, planning offices, consultants, public transport companies, planners



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planners, municipalities, cities, counties, planning offices, consultants, public transport companies

GOAT is a cloud-based planning instrument, which supports planners in implementing the 15-min-city by combining the land use and transport component. GOAT is fully open source and operates via an interactive web map. GOAT allows planners to easily assess the current situation with the help of accessibility analyses and to evaluate new concepts and projects, such as the construction of new infrastructure or facilities (e.g. kindergarten, bike sharing station).

GOAT is equipped with a plethora of complex spatial data. The GOAT subscription includes points of interest, buildings, population data, land use, environmental data and many more. In addition, you can easily integrate your own data sets. GOAT not only increases efficiency, but the fact-based analyses also support decision-making and investment processes that have often been subjective up to now.

We are happy to offer our software as a SaaS solution to municipalities, counties and consultants.

Value Propositions

GOAT is a cloud-based planning software that enables change-makers in implementing the 15-minute-city and creating livable places.

Patents, Trademarks or other certificates

GOAT has been awarded with various prizes:

  • Innovation Price of the City of Munich 2021 in the category "emission free mobility in Munich"
  • Smart Country Startup Award "Smart City" 2021 from getstarted by bitkom
  • Founding Price by the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy

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