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Shared Mobility Operators, Navigation Applications, Mass-transit Operators, Public Transport Authorities, Cities



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Shared Mobility Operators, Navigation Applications, Mass-transit Operators, Public Transport Authorities, Cities

Fluctuo is an independent third-party data aggregator specialized in shared mobility services. Fluctuo gives real-time access to accurate data from more than 150 shared mobility services such as the vehicle ID, type, location, attributes and operator. Our platform enables public stakeholders and private companies to make data-driven decisions on mobility services and infrastructure.

Data Flow: One API to rule them all:

Our Data Flow aggregates more than 100 services around the world and returns them under a single, standardised and easy-to-use API. Data Flow implements many shared vehicle providers, such as bicycles with Mobike or Ofo, scooters with Bird and Lime, as well as scooters and cars.

We developed innovative data collection and processing methods to handle data in all formats and to transform it into a single, easy to integrate, normalised, real-time data feed.

Fluctuo provides data to travel and navigation apps and can therefore introduce vehicles from different mobility players to millions of potential users.

Our team of experts also actively monitors the mobility industry on the following aspects:

  • operators (launch/suspension, fundraising, M&A…)
  • vehicles & hardware (batteries, docking stations…)
  • cities (regulation, competitive tenders, permits…)

We charge our partners fees based on the volume of requested data (starting at 0.60 EUR per 1000 requests), but we do not charge shared-mobility operators or data owners for the processing of their data. 

Value Propositions

When trying to secure data from multiple shared-mobility operators, users can save time and resources by simply connecting to Fluctuo’s Data Flow API, which delivers aggregated and normalised data. 

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