Factual Smart Commute: Digital Corporate Mobility Planner

Factual Smart Commute supports corporates to empower their employees to transform their travel behaviour, by establishing the right environment for more sustainable and healthy mobility.

Supported by: EIT Urban Mobility

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Factual Smart Commute aims to transform daily commuting to a sustainable travel experience. To this end, the service supports companies in the development and implementation of alternative, more environment-friendly workplace travel plans.

With Factual Smart Commute, an organisation will get:

  1. Mobility baseline: A screenshot of the impact of today's mobility on employee well-being, the environment, and the company's finances.
  2. Corporate mobility plan: Short and long term strategy to achieve a successful mobility plan, tailored to the needs of the company.
  3. Mobility pool: Access to a database of sustainable mobility providers such as micro-mobility operators, on-demand transport provider, or bike-sharing and carpooling companies.
  4. Employee engagement: Gamification tools to nudge employee’s commuting behaviour change.
  5. Impact assessment: Dashboard to monitor the impact achieved by the implementation of the various strategies.