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Safety mobility app, micromobility, road safety, Vision Zero

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application providers, mobility aplications, micromobility operators, mobility service provider, automotive OEM



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cyclists, pedestrians, all road users

Eye-Net™ Protect safe mobility solution is an intuitive and easy-to-use mobile application that provides real-time pre-collision alerts to pedestrians and vulnerable mobility users.

Eye-Net incorporates proprietary AI-powered algorithms to enhance accuracy, predict collisions (identifies threats outside the field of view), reduce latency and optimize device resource consumption.

Eye-Net™ Protect runs on iOS & Android smartphones as a background process for continuous tracking that does not require driver involvement. The Eye-Net™ Protect app is camera-free and can be used by any road user, including micromobility and vulnerable road users, to enhance user safety while providing an anonymous service that does not require user registration.

Value Propositions

Eye-Net developed a mobile All Road-Users V2X Safety Solution, that provides real-time pre-collision alerts to drivers and vulnerable road users.

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