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Mobility Infrastructure
Parking, P2P, SaaS, Renting

Product client

Municipality, citizens, visitor, drivers



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Product end user

citizens, municipalities, parking space operators

eParkio is a parking management application that optimises parking efficiency. 

How does eParkio work?

As integration platform eParkio utilises data from all HW and SW solutions in this area (Parking payment machines, Payment mobile apps, SMS payments, sensors, cameras, municipal information systems ...). Moreover, eParkio allows citizens and companies who own free parking space to rent out their parking spaces to make easy money.

A new parking experience!

This way eParkio support cities to implement seamless parking experience for its residents and visitors. The system helps to find free parking spaces and compare prices in real-time. Drivers can book their parking slot in advance to avoid longer searches - while considering parking regulations.

Value Propositions

eParkio provides seamless parking with its automated parking managment and renting system.

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