ElectricFeel Shared Mobility OS

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Future Mobility


ElectricFeel Shared Mobility OS enables mobility and sustainability operators to launch and scale locally-run shared micro-mobility service within three weeks. It helps transform cities by giving local actors the tools to replace cars with eco-friendly, quiet, light electric vehicles. With this solution, it's possible to create quickly alternative mobility services that can cut pollution and boost the urban quality of life for good.

ElectricFeel Shared Mobility OS provides a complete state-of-the-art solution suite to new shared micro-mobility services to operate sustainably.

It includes three powerful software products:

  1. A mobile rider user-friendly app, 
  2. A full-stack fleet management solution,
  3. In-field operations apps to optimize the vehicle's maintenance and operational efficiency.

The goals of the solution are to enable locally powered actors to operate successfully from day one reliable shared micro-mobility services that are sustainable, popular, and profitable.