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Mobility & Energy Mobility Infrastructure
battery energy storage, electric vehicle batteries, energy storage for EV charging, batteries

Product client

Local authorities, Universities, fleet operators, commercial and industrial, energy companies



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Product end user

Energy managers, sustainability managers, fleet drivers and operators, EV drivers

Connected Energy develop and supply battery energy storage systems using second life electric vehicle batteries. The company's systems solve two major environmental challenges: efficient storage for renewable energy and finding a reuse for electric vehicle batteries.

Connected Energy's systems are operating commercially across the UK and Europe, supporting organisations to take better control of their energy, overcoming capacity demands at sites and manage peak demands caused by energy intensive equipment such as EV charging. They have been installed at many EV charging sites - to support charging hubs and fleet depots - to provide the additional capacity required as well as supporting the decarbonisation of charging.

To find out more about the product or work with battery partners and suppliers, visit: www.connected-energy.co.uk 

Value Propositions

Battery energy storage systems to provide vital storage for renewable energy and supporting the power demands of EV charging.

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