The new DILAX SLS-1000 uses structured light to see exactly what really matters: the different needs of passengers in public transport.

Product Details



Challenge Area addressed

Mobility Infrastructure

The DILAX SLS-1000 is a sensor that uses structured light to count passengers with an accuracy of 99%. Due to the high pixel count in a given space, the sensor can identify objects such as bicycles and wheelchairs and count them in real time with a high level of accuracy.

Wherever you collect personal data, you need consistent data protection. We integrated it in the technological design of the DILAX SLS-1000 right from the beginning. No subsequent anonymization of data is necessary because the sensor works anonymously to begin with and does not store any real images. We call this Privacy by Design.

The new DILAX SLS-1000 sensor is using structured light for passenger counting, offering high accuracy, data protection, independence from light sources and the learning capability to detect further object classes. In the future, all you will need is a firmware update to include a new object class. Currently, the sensor is being taught to identify baby strollers.