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Pollution Reduction
Commuting, CO2 tracking, Data Collection, Scope 2 and 3, Emission Reports

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Citizens, Companies, Commuters, Cyclists, Mobility service providers, Transportation enterprises



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Citizens, Businesses, Mobility Service Provider, Commuters, Cyclists, Transportation Enterprises

World’s first automated mobile CO2 emissions tracker for commuting

Measure and reduce employees corporate commuting in an automated and fun way. Corporate sustainability strategy, including measurement of all scopes of CO2 emissions is an important step for reaching EU's goal of net zero CO2 emissions by 2050.

Increased initiatives from society, investors and legislation enables more corporations to adapt to these important changes. 

CommuteSaver offers corporations a unique data based method to track, measure and reduce their CO2 footprint based on commuting patterns.

After the sample period of a few weeks, the data is aggregated and reports are produced for both the Individual user and the office, as well as any potential project. These reports include statistics and recommendations for achieving sustainable commuting based on the organisations goals. The users are completely anonymised and only their travel patterns and CO2 footprints are collected for the reports.

Value Propositions

World’s first automated mobile CO2 emissions tracker for commuting.

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