Cogo: Shared mobility app

Cogo offers the most comprehensive price comparison tool for sustainable shared mobility and empowers its users to compare price and travel time across operators and vehicle types in one simple search

Supported by: EIT Urban Mobility

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Cogo gathers shared rides for frictionless mobility and a better tomorrow. Find scooters, bikes, cars and mopeds as long as they are human or electric powered from 300+ mobility operators worldwide in one app. 

Hundreds of shared mobility operators across 700 cities in Europe have created a fragmented and complex market with high friction. The fast growth of shared mobility in recent years and the rise of different mobility operators, have made the market extremely fragmented, creating a frustrating experience having to juggle between so many different mobility apps.

A recent survey shows that 34% of users think the need to download and sign up for the different apps is a barrier for using shared mobility, and 84% would use shared mobility more if they had access to all operators in one app.

Cogo helps make shared mobility more accessible and easy to use by offering people access to all different types of transport from all operators without the need to download several apps.