ModelMe3D: Immersive Co-Design of Public Spaces

ModelMe3D is the only co-design platform in the world where costumers can easily build, drag and drop objects in a digital twin urban setting. Democratise the design of public and private spaces

Supported by: EIT Urban Mobility

Product Details



Challenge Area addressed

Creating Public Realm

Mobility Infrastructure

ModelMe3D is an immersive co-design tool.

ModelMe3D allows citizens to participate, co-create and play a role in the design or redesign of public spaces. This product provides a digital twin of any urban setting allowing people to engage and participate in the process in a user friendly way.

As city operations and administrative processes become more digitalised, ModelMe3D solution is fit for the digital age, allowing people with limited time have more flexibility and take part in the public participation process. With the click of a web link, citizens and stakeholders can easily participate from the comfort of their own house or office without having to assist physically to a meeting or a forum.

ModelMe3D machine learning provides valuable data analytics from all of the participations and submitted designs, giving the city and the lead project managers valuable information in order to make more informed decisions.