Chouette SaaS for Schedule Data Management

Improve your mobility and transport operations without disruption by getting high quality mobility data, by setting a fully automated process and adding value to your data and mobility assets.

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enRoute develops and operates software platforms that allow mobility players to take control of their data. Taking control means being able to acquire, control, aggregate, modify, stream, and store your mobility data.

Chouette SaaS for euquipment and schedule data is a simple and intuitive interface, which meets the needs all modes of public transport and shared mobility.

Main use cases targeted by our customers for their static data (schedule and equipment data):

  • Publish high quality static mobility data to journey planners, mobile applications, or open data portals (GTFS and/or NeTEx).
  • Aggregate static data for a large territory with several PTOs or transport modes and create unified schedule datasets.
  • Automate the whole process for mobility data management and improve operation performance.
  • Improve the performance of mobility services and value network assets.
  • Meet regulatory deadlines.

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