Cezigue: app-builder for connected mobility

Cezigue is a web platform that provides the ability to build easily automotive connected services without worrying about vehicles compatibility while keeping control of release updates

Supported by: EIT Urban Mobility

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Challenge Area addressed

Future Mobility

Cezigue has a no-code approach relying on technological bricks anyone can assemble in a fully functional app running on any vehicle. Cezigue takes care of the complexity of the ecosystem, so their customers are now able to build, release, and edit as easily as they would for a universal mobile or web app.

Costumers can play for free with the configurator as much as they want, imagining their own future solutions. Subscription starts only from the day of release.

Cezigue aims to fit the global needs of both big actors such as major connected cities or main corporations, and the local ones, such as smaller towns and rural actors.

Cezigue also does app development to customise their modules to costumers' specific needs.

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