BikeFair: bicycle marketplace

BikeFair is a one-stop-shop bike marketplace: a full-service bike platform for individuals and a plug-and-play e-commerce solution for professionals. Buy, sell, and own a bike without hassle!

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Accessibility & Inclusivity

Bicycles are healthy, fun, and the most energy-efficient mode of transportation. But buying, selling, and even owning a bike is still annoyingly difficult for most.

BikeFair is a one-stop-shop bike marketplace: a simple pay & ride platform for users, and a plug-and-play solution integrating to existing e-commerce and stock systems for businesses & industry professionals. Seamlessly find & purchase a bike including custom-offered equipment, get it insured, checked or fixed any time & anywhere, or resell again. All through a single access point, online, using an existing local network of suppliers.