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EV Charging Insights, Smart EV Charging, Data Management, EV Fleets, Charging Operators

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EV Fleets, Charging Operators, Grid Operators



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EV Fleets, Charging Operators, Grid Operators

EV charging data management, monitoring, and simulations

Real time monitoring and data processing provides actionable business insights with multiple applications. Bia analyses EV charging data to reveal utilisation trends (costs, CO2 emissions, peak loads, battery degradation), charging flexibility available for smart charging and solutions for efficient growth. Bia provides powerful forecasting and simulations for EV load modeling, planning and strategic future scenarios. Our simulations enable our customers to develop a strategic EV charging plan that avoids unnecessary costs and pitfalls. This service typically includes an analysis of the impact of EV charging to the rest of energy systems of the same facility, like onsite solar generation, or the total building/facility load. Fleets, charging operators, and electric utilities benefit from this service to get a better understanding of their EV charging usage, user/driver patterns, the embedded inefficiencies, and the potential growth scenarios that suit them best.

In addition, our dashboard also displays the optimisation potential customers could unlock by using Bia’s smart charging algorithms in terms of:

  • Peak loads reduction (by decreasing the maximum instantaneous power from charging).
  • Charging costs reduction (by using time-of-use tariffs or onsite renewable generation).
  • Charging CO2 emissions reduction (by using the grid’s emission factor or onsite renewable generation).
  • EV battery degradation attenuation (by reducing the amount of time EVs dwell at high state-of-charge).
  • Response to grid events (by modulating charging to the needs of the grid). 

Value Propositions

Bia can provide insights and conclusions in a very short time. We developed a data pipeline that automates the whole process, from data extraction, processing, insights generation, and loading into our dashboard. This allows us to seamlessly simulate several growth scenarios with different conditions according to our customer needs.

Bia’s EV data service enables businesses and public bodies to improve their EV charging offering or fleet operations they currently offer and empower them to expand into new markets. 

Patents, Trademarks or other certificates

We are keeping track of the technology and methods we develop via a trade secret filing system at the World IP Organisation.

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