AUXTAIL: Integrated rear rack

Rear rack stores in bumper, and folds out to provide 2 e-bike carrying capability; extendable to 4 standard bikes. Better than roof racks for range and access. Stronger and easier than towbar racks.

Product Details



Challenge Area addressed

Mobility Infrastructure

E-Cars have 1/3 of the energy compared to a combustion engine vehicle: Roof racks add to aerodynamic drag. If an ICE vehicle lost 10% of its range, this becomes 30% for an e-car. An integrated rear rack provides the convenience of a fitted roof rack, and with the least impact to range.

The rack translates rearwards such that it can be hidden when stored with minimal gaps and flush. When deployed it offers higher capacity than towbar racks. This system is optimised for OEMs who can hide the feature, and provide a full personal mobility package. Also available for dealerships to sell as aftermarket accessory and for retailers to fit using same fixing points and electrics as a towbar.

This rack enables easier and faster bike carrying; opening up the potential of car and bike multimodal transport into cities.