Asistobe EXPLORE: Get insights about the entire public transport network

A visualisation tool for mobility patterns that helps cities understand the real transport demand, scan for inefficiencies in the public transport network, and get other mobility insights.

Supported by: EIT Urban Mobility

Product Details



Challenge Area addressed


How deeply do costumers understand mobility in their cities?

To provide a better understanding of how, when, and how people move in a city - by public transport, private cars, and micro-mobility, Asistobe collects and analyses multiple data sources, including GDPR-compliant telecom data. 

With the Asistobe EXPLORE module, planners can search, explore, combine, and visualise their data in real-time, monitoring their transport network (cost, occupancy, efficiency), and analysing passenger flow history, building solid insights for a more efficient transport system.


  • Scanning historical mobility‚Äč data for inefficiencies
  • Identifying transport patterns across zones using telecom data
  • Understand the impact of events (concerts, sports matches) and major disruptions on mobility

Asistobe platform offers public transport planners to EXPLORE how people travel, PREDICT future mobility, OPTIMISE, and PLAN their entire public transport networks.