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building-information modelling, remote surveillance, MEP systems, robotics, inspection, autonomous drones

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MEP contractors, MEP manufacturers, Facility Managers



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MEP contractors, MEP manufacturers, Facility Managers

Building assessment is a thorough, lengthy, and risky process, disconnected from the construction progress, requiring contractors to physically visit each area to survey dimensions, structural deviations, and anomalies, to ensure the provision of a system compliant with the building’s physical specifications.

ASSESS is an integrated robotic platform consisting of an autonomous unmanned aerial system (UAS) device, a software tool for data analysis, and a web dashboard that visualizes hard-to-reach building assets by traversing confined spaces not easily reachable by engineers.

ASSESS empowers key stakeholders of the architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) sector to remotely survey urban building assets.

Value Propositions

Vertliner provides a platform for autonomous assessments of urban infrastructure. The system embeds robotic technologies, such as drones, to evaluate the health of buildings and construction sites.

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