ANDYAMO: Multimodal route planner adapted to people with reduced mobility

Andyamo helps users to develop alternative solutions to private cars (walking & public means of transport) and improve the autonomy of citizens with reduced mobility.

Supported by: EIT Urban Mobility

Product Details



Challenge Area addressed

Accessibility & Inclusivity

Andyamo's solution is simple:
  • They do not want to create a new GPS for people with reduced mobility from scratch but improve the local existing GPS of the public transport authority
  • They plug their route planner algorithm (API interfacing) to provide pedestrian and multimodal itineraries fully adapted to the level of mobility of each citizen (the elderly, families with children in stroller, people with disabilities) 
  • They focus on providing precise pedestrian itineraries (precision of the sidewalk / pedestrian crossing VS in the middle of the road when using Google Maps or Apple Plans) for a more accessible, safe et comfortable walking for all
  • Precise methodology: 1) create a pedestrian graph of the city 2) collect pedestrian data (accessibility, safety, comfort …)  3) provide a diagnosis of pedestrian routes (to better target the areas that need accessibility improvement and better street management development budget  4) deploy their route planner algorithm & plug.