Actibump for safer roads

The friendly solution for safer roads - Actibump reduces speeding by up to 80% and improves traffic flows.

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Challenge Area addressed

Mobility Infrastructure

Pollution Reduction

Getting a continuous traffic flow where no vehicle type is forced to drive slower than any other is more complicated and can only be done using systems that only affect speeding vehicles. 

Actibump is a smart traffic system that create safe and accessible crossings for vulnerable road users, without disrupting the traffic flow. The equipment is monitored and traffic related data is presented in the software platform EdevaLive. If the speed of an oncoming vehicle is above the set speed limit a hatch is lowered a few centimetres into the road surface, giving the speeding driver a physical reminder of the speed limit. Vehicles driven at a legal speed pass on a level road without discomfort. Using the Actibump, you will get a robust equipment to create a safe and accessible traffic environment for all.

The Actibump creates a continuous traffic flow and an 85th-percentile speed of the speed limit ±3 km/h within six months to a year.