Abel Sensors: Smart Parking for Bikes

The Smart Parking guidance, monitoring & mobile payment solution for bikes

Product Details



Challenge Area addressed

Accessibility & Inclusivity

More and more cities are aware of the need to stimulate their citizens and visitors to travel by bike. An important element is to make parking space available to let cyclist park their bike on a convenient and in an efficient way.

One challenge is to maximize occupancy by enabling cyclists to find all available vacant spaces. On the other hand facility operators need to be able to manage orphaned bicycles to optimize the effective capacity. In some cases cities and operators also need to a have a payment system that enables cyclists hassle free payments without facing queues at the entrance.

The solution by Abel Sensors is the answer to these challenges and contains:

  • Optical detection with 99% accuracy, real-time data collection and orphan bike detection
  • Cloud platform with real-time updates, historical data, statistics and orphan bike management.
  • Mobile payment system with customer branded app with fully configurable pricing (fixed and pay per use)
  • Additional features like unlocking doors