Innovation to improve road safety in Africa and Eastern Mediterranean cities

Key Facts


Opening and closing date:

10/04/2024 - 30/04/2024

Funds available (up to):

13,956 EUR

Challenge area:

Mobility Infrastructure

Offered by:

EIT Urban Mobility

Motorcycles, cars on the road in Africa

The Challenge

mdfCities in these regions face urgent needs to address road safety issues. Existing policies often prioritize car-centric transportation infrastructure, leading to high speeds, urban sprawl, and inadequate road safety measures. Challenges include insufficient data, weak enforcement mechanisms, limited resource allocation, outdated urban planning regulations, and a lack of localized policies and action plans. Despite national-level efforts, cities play a crucial role in complementing these actions and implementing effective road safety projects on the ground.

Expected Outcome

Under the framework of UN-Habitat’s “Global Alliance of Cities for Road Safety” project, the road safety innovation challenge "MyCityMyLife" aims to support innovative initiatives proposed by multi-stakeholder partnerships. These initiatives should have a demonstrable impact on road safety, particularly at the city and neighbourhood levels, with a focus on vulnerable groups. The expected outcomes include the reduction of fatalities through the implementation of innovative pilot projects aligned with the Safe Systems Approach. 

Who can apply?

Selected partners will co-plan, co-develop, and co-implement initiatives, monitor their impact, develop human impact stories, and disseminate project results. The initiative seeks to enhance road safety awareness, reduce speeds, and generate evidence for improvements in local contexts. 

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