Expansion of Innovation and Scaling Group by deployEMDS project

Key Facts


Opening and closing date:

05/04/2024 - 29/04/2024

Challenge area:


Offered by:


Group of business people in a meeting

The Challenge

The ISG will be established under the deployEMDS project, which supports the European Commission (EC) initiative for a common European mobility data space (EMDS). The initiative aims to streamline data access, pooling, and sharing to promote more efficient, safe, and sustainable transport systems. The deployEMDS project implements 9 local pilots across Barcelona, Budapest, Flanders, Île-de-France, Lisbon, Milan, Sofia, Stockholm, and Tampere, featuring 16 use cases focusing on data for mobility planning, public transport operation, multimodality, and specialty travel information.

Who can apply?

Apply, If you are a professional from large corporations, SMEs, startups or the academia, bringing diverse expertise across relevant sectors:

  • Data availability in strategic areas including travel behaviour
  • Sustainable urban mobility
  • Improved traffic management
  • Data for mobility planning
  • Data for safety and security
  • Multimodal integration