Your blueprint for a greener mobility is here: Discover +130 innovations to make

In the race to meet 2030 emission reduction goals, urban mobility innovation has emerged as the cornerstone. The EIT Urban Mobility's Solutions Catalogue stands as a testament to this, featuring over 130 handpicked solutions set to revolutionise city landscapes and combat climate change.

Cities globally face the daunting reality of being responsible for 70% of greenhouse gas emissions and 24% of CO2 emissions from road transport. The window of opportunity to limit global warming to 1.5°C is rapidly closing. The transport sector is one of the major contributors to the climate crisis and it must undergo radical transformation towards climate neutrality. Innovation is key, not only for environmental sustainability but also for enhancing liveability, circular economy practices, safety, and accessibility for vulnerable communities.

EIT Urban Mobility, Europe's leading innovation community for urban mobility, co-funded by the European Union, is championing this cause. Our Solutions Catalogue features carefully selected innovations, each thoroughly evaluated for their market readiness and fit into our strategy and mission. These solutions encompass diverse approaches, from cycling infrastructure revamps to innovative parking regulations, all geared towards a greener urban future.

Cities, at the forefront of this green transition, are leading the charge. EIT Urban Mobility empowers them by providing a toolkit of ground-breaking technologies. These start-ups represent pioneers, forging a path toward eco-friendly urban mobility solutions. More than a collection of innovations, we view the catalogue as a wellspring of inspiration. City planners, transport authorities, corporations, and local governments are welcome to explore these ideas, paving the way for tangible, sustainable urban transformations. As we stand on the brink of change, these solutions offer not just hope but actionable routes to a greener, more sustainable future.

This edition also brings seven market-ready solutions assessed from the CIVITAS projects. Don’t miss out on them; check them out now and be part of the urban mobility revolution!


Dive into the Solutions Catalogue today - your gateway to a future where innovation fuels progress and cities thrive sustainably. Download it from the files section below! 


Published on 3 November, 2023.