Beyond 15min city-centres: How far is local?

VIDEO Update: If we could plan a city from scratch, proximity and accessibility would be two of the main design principles. But as we are living in urban agglomerations which have evolved over time, over centuries, the liberties to redesign are constrained. New planning concepts and tools are needed to support cities in their mission to reduce traffic and related pollution.


The popular 15min-city concept is a promising approach to redesign urban environment aiming to make important amenities accessibile within short distances. In the 15min city, citizens can reach any destination related to their daily needs within a 15-minute walk or cycle. However, the concept has been mainly applied to city centres so far. In order to solve urban mobility challenges a holistic view on the metropolitan area may be needed. 

In the 15th edition of 'Mobility Talks: How far is local?', mobility experts will reflect different perspectives on the 15min city concept and urban accessibility:

What attendees can expect?
  • A critical review of the 15min city concept, and how cities can improve accessibility for all in their urban areas,
  • A selection of interactive tools and methods to engage citizens in related urban planning processes,
  • An impact assessment of innovative street redesigns on city accessibility and inclusiveness, and
  • Many insights from best practices in European and global cities.


Don't miss any insights and review the webinar that took place on 01 September 2022.


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Updated on 21 September 2022.