Barcelona: Towards Zero-Emission Fleets


Barcelona (Spain)

Challenge area:

Mobility Infrastructure

Pollution Reduction

Implementation period:


The Challenge

TMB is the public transport operator of the city of Barcelona. Over the last years, the organization has implemented an electrification plan for their bus fleet that is becoming more and more ambitious. These are some of the challenges TMB is facing:

  • Lack of visibility over e-bus charging peak loads and costs.
  • Unknown potential of the amount of e-buses a depot (or an on-street charging station) can serve.
  • Limited power capacity at their depots to provide charging for the full e-bus fleet. 

The Solution

  • EV load modelling tool to generate historic and future load curves based on TMB’s real charging data.
  • Charging costs and peak load tracking system for historic charging sessions.
  • Simulation scenarios with 3-4x more e-buses with different combinations of chargers to understand the impact on the electrical installation, on their fleet operations (delays), and on their electricity bill.
  • Assessment of the impact of Bia’s smart charging algorithms (versus unmanaged charging).
  • Deployment of the Optimized EV charging platform on a subset of chargers of one of TMB’s depots (with up to 30 ebuses).