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Accessibility & Inclusivity
inclusivity, accessibility, adaptive bike, special bike, parking

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Start of operations

Year 2023

Scale of operations area

Beyond Metropolitan Area



Application Locations

Nijmegen (Netherlands)
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The Challenge

The primary aim is to improve accessibility for individuals with limited mobility by offering secure bike parking. This presents an opportunity to foster inclusivity in the urban environment, underlining the city's dedication to mobility and independence. Key needs include secure facilities to prevent theft, convenient access to entrances to minimize walking distances, and infrastructure adapted to accommodate mobility aids.

The Solution

A viable solution to address the accessibility needs of individuals with limited walking abilities is to provide secured bike parking close to building entrances. This solution involves creating designated spaces clearly reserved for this specific group, ensuring that they have convenient access to these parking areas. The following components make this solution effective:

  1. Reserved Space: Designating specific parking spaces exclusively for people with limited walking abilities ensures that they are not only accessible but also available when needed. This eliminates the frustration of searching for suitable parking.
  2. Proximity to the Entrance: Placing these reserved parking spaces as close to the building's entrance as possible minimizes the walking distance for users. This convenience is vital for those with mobility challenges.
  3. Clear Indication: Signage and clear markings should be prominently displayed to indicate that these spaces are reserved for people with limited walking abilities. This helps prevent misuse and ensures that the spaces are available for those who truly need them.
  4. Attachment Points: To accommodate various types of adaptive bikes or mobility aids, including those with wheelchairs or trikes, providing a metal ring or bar allows us

End user involved

Type of end user: Persons with reduced mobility (PRM)

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Lead operator
Organisation name

International Cargo Bike Festival / Fietsdiensten.nl

Organisation type

Business - SME

Other entities involved in the implementation
Organisation name

BCG Nijmegen

Organisation type

Business - SME

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