Product list

Vianova Mobility Data

GOAT (Geo Open Accessibility Tool): Planning instrument for the 15-Min-City

SUM-X: Cargo eBike

ubitricity: lamppost chargers for urban EV drivers

Cezigue: app-builder for connected mobility

HOPU Data Analysis & Visualisation

Allihop: Green Business Travel

deeptraffic 101: Traffic Management Software

QOOB Mobility HUB

VONZU: Last-mile logistics management platform

ModelMe3D: Immersive Co-Design of Public Spaces

HOPU: IoT devices and sensors (“Smart Spot”)

DASHTRACK: Urban Platform for Cycling and Infrastructure Data

Logistia Route Planner

Ara SaaS for Real-time Data Management

BLOCK 2P: 2-point locking system

Data Flow by fluctuo

Long Clean Surface

Ottopia: Teleassistance and Teleoperation for AV

TruckY: ADAS speed advisor

Cargo-bike Parcels Box

Nommon Mobility Insights: origin-destination matrices from mobile network data

See.Sense Data Services for Micromobility

Docking and charging stations for scooters

Lokit Wallbox: Micro-mobility docking station

Wello: solar-powered e-cargo bikes

The Pin Bike Kit

Factual DRT monitoring dashboard

Sideline: Mobile & Ecological Car Wash

Elonroad Electric Road System

Chouette SaaS for Schedule Data Management

Keet: Digital LCV Fleet Manager

UMAM: Urban Mobility Assessment Model

Crowd Analytics Monitoring Platform

Lyko: APIs for sustainable mobility services

City Dive by fluctuo

Vianova Curb Manager

VePa - Vertical Parking

E-GAP: urban, mobile on-demand charging service

Volvero: Private car sharing marketplace.

Bia Optimised EV Charging

SmartMonkey Planner: Route optimiser for last-mile deliveries

Mosaic Mobile Mapping Service

S.E.T. - Street Experiment Tools

Skyroads: Urban Air Mobility Traffic Guidance System

OKO mobile APS

Dynamic Route Optimization, Mobile Driver App & Tracking


Trap: Urban parking docks for micromobility

Neko Double Decker Bike Rack


Zipper® cycle lane separators

Actibump for safer roads

ARIS for autonomous building assessment

NIMBEE: Mobile Charging Stations

VEOMO: Mobility Monitor

Swobbee: Battery Swapping Station

ElectricFeel Shared Mobility OS

BLINK! Lighting Saddles

Fleet Operations Planning Simulator

Park4Dis: Giving autonomy to people with reduced mobility.

GIRAVOLTA Mobility Platform

Zebra® Family cycle lane separators

EVIO’s Electrical Vehicle Ecosystem Management Platform

Last Mile Digital Platform


Mobilypod: Secure bike shelters

Factual Smart Commute: Digital Corporate Mobility Planner

KERB: Smart Parking Solutions

FlexCurb Planning by Urban Radar

DASHBIKE: Camera device for cycling and infrastructure data collection

Autonomous Road Inspector: traffic signage & road surface detection

Parkunload: Smart Loading Zones

Fret Impact by Urban Radar


Vianova Mobility Manager

DedoCar Carpooling App

MAMCA Decision Making Software

Bicihangar Rocket

Urban Logistics by Urban Radar

Polarity II: Smart Lampposts for Smart Roads

Trafi for Cities

RAPID - 3D Prototyping

DILAX Citisense

WYZE: Electric Scooters for Mobility Services

Remote Sensing Device

Gotikket Booking Platform

Miivo Mobility

Lobelia Air: Data on street-level

Ciclogreen: Corporate mobile app to quantify and reduce emissions

Cyber2Car: the safeguard for connected cars

Forfait Mobilité Durable

Watergen On-Board: Creating water from air

Liquid Guard ®

Vectorial® system

InclusivEbike E-bike charging station

Nudgd Smart Travel Habits

Meight: Transport Fleet Management

Nemi: demand-responsive transport

Nimbus: Software platform for robotic applications.

Bia EV Data Services

Solum Helios

NielsenConcept's all inclusive, individual and collective bike selection

N1 Mobility Helmet

Citizen Needs by Urban Radar

GoGiro: Micromobility for City Hotels

Mosaic Robust 360º Cameras

Road Safety Dashboard

Best Practices

Best practice list

Bologna's Bella Mossa app provided incentives for citizens to travel more sustainably in the city

CES4Kids: Engaging Children and Youth into the Co-creation of Sustainable Mobility

Improving accessibility for disabled and visually, hearing impaired to tourist destinations in Limassol

Boosting environmental performance of full hybrid buses through geofencing in Sierre

Munich airport: a large corporate site with unpredictable mobility patterns

Behavioural change campaign encouraging use of the cycle highway between Arnhem-Nijmegen

Innovative light-up pedestrian crossings implemented in Funchal

New mode for transporting pharmacy products by drone trialled in Helsinki

Urban Consolidation Center supported by a Digital Twin improves city logistics in Madrid

Towards Zero-Emission Fleets: Implementing a smart charging strategy for a local e-bus depot in Barcelona

Prague successfully implements cargo bicycle hubs to reduce freight congestion in the inner city

First bicycle tram offered exclusively to bike users in Konya

The path to climate neutral passenger transport at Munich Airport

London expands its successful Ultra Low Emission Zone scheme.

Piloting On-demand Taxi Sharing in Milan

Piloting an inclusive, A to B travel, e-bike solution for physically impaired

Implementation of fast electric vehicle chargers and an electrified public vehicle fleet in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

Community Mobility Sharepoints in Munich and Zurich

Autonomous shuttle piloted in Helsinki to deliver proof-of-concept for the management of autonomous public transport fleets

Graz implements 'School Living Labs' to provide safer streets for children

Vallirana: a small town with big mobility challenges


Insight list

Designing a Livable Neighbourhood: The Woonerf Concept (Course)

Towards more integrated and safer micromobility adoption: what data says

Meeting Green Deal goals in sustainable urban mobility pays off, and a lot

What is the future of urban logistics?

How the gender-bias in urban mobility can be overcome!

How can cities ensure road transport is as clean as possible? | With Adrian Hiel

How can cities build a well-functioning mobility ecosystem? | With Morten Kabell

How can tactical urbanism help create healthier streets? | With Daniel Byström, Dan Hill

Intermodality comfort required: How micro-mobility and public transit can reinforce each other

40 selected mobility solutions that can make a difference

What solutions can improve micromobility end user adoption?

How can cities tackle urban heat islands? | With Joan Ballester

The European AI market: towards ethical leadership

How can cities shift people to more sustainable transport? | With Sam Morgan

HOPU joins forces with Libelium

Mobility Talks: Multimodal digital mobility services

What is a liveable and healthy city? | With Melanie Davern, Belen Zapata-Diomedi

Towards cleaner and more energy-efficient mobility

Decarbonisation of road freight transport: How to accelerate the uptake of zero emission vehicles?

How will we experience shared urban mobility in the future? | With Jessica Oppetit, Eric Wicart...

How is digitalisation set to improve mobility? | With Sam Morgan

Bucharest Showroom event addressing most pressing Romanian mobility challenges

Does the pandemic bring something positive after all? | Keynote by Lennert Verhulst

How will COVID-19 impact urban mobility? | With Sam Morgan


Opportunity list

CC 2022-01-11 22:39

Tel Aviv: Anti-theft bicycle and scooter measures


Madrid: Monitoring active mobility flows in new urban spaces

CC 2022-01-26 09:55

Helmond: Advancing the technologies for Autonomous Vehicles

Tallinn: Limited micro-mobility usage during winter months

CC 2022-01-11 23:13

Stockholm: Innovative street charging

Hamburg: Real time information about occupancy of busses and trains

Munich: City Logistics Marketplace

JobBike Bayern: Framework agreement on the provision of bicycles, supplies and digital services

Prague: EV Charging infrastructure

Fugiat neque itaque

Research project - Social acceptance conditions in automated rail traffic at GoA3+

Tampere: Traffic Management

test registered user

Troms & Finnmark: Pre-commercial procurement project on Smart Road Accessibility and Safety

Tel-Aviv: What are the best ways to manage the curbside?

Madrid: Secure bicycle parking

test registered user

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Madrid: Parking and docking stations for micro-mobility

Tel-Aviv: What are the best ways to manage the curbside?

Using Pre-commercial Procurements for Drop-in Advanced Biofuel for Commercial Cargo-shipping and Aviation (Study)

Antwerp Kempen region: Corporate bicycle leasing agreement with an intermunicipal development company

Smart Trenčín: Dynamic traffic & energy data management systems

Barcelona: Flexible charging points in underground car parks

TAVF - Test track for automated and connected driving in Hamburg

Greater Lisbon: Premium experience at bus interchanges in Cascais

Prague: Logistics Optimization

Toulouse: Reverse logistic, focusing on bio-waste collection from restaurants

Madrid: Safety for bicycle paths & monitoring of cyclists flows

CC 2022-01-12

Prague: Digital regulation of mobility services

Mobility Solutions Showroom in Amsterdam

MOBIHUB Stralsund

Istanbul: How to improve taxi driver license inspection?

CC 2022-01-12

CC 2022-01-12 08:09

Copernicus Demonstrators: Mobility, emergency and infrastructures data monitoring (PoC)

CC 2022-01-26 09:59

Greater Lisbon: School mobility in Cascais

That's a title!

Fugiat neque itaque

Veszprém: Development of the public bike system

Istanbul: How to integrate Sea Taxis into the Public Transport system?

Research project - Resilience of intermodal public transport networks

Greater Lisbon: On-demand transport service to serve the Cascais-Parede commerce area

Co-creating future smart mobility solutions in Helsinki

Istanbul SUMP Stage II - Implementation

Amsterdam: Smart Mobility Hub

Istanbul: How to prevent taxi passengers discrimination?

Tel Aviv: How to increase pedestrian road safety?

Interreg project: Fuel cell cargo pedelecs

Madrid: Logistic hub for green last mile delivery