Product list

Vianova Mobility Data

GOAT (Geo Open Accessibility Tool): Planning instrument for the 15-Min-City

INSPECH Insights: Road assets management

Asistobe OPTIMISE: Sustainable and cost-efficient public transport networks

Keyless car rental

ITC: Intelligent Traffic Control

URB-X: Bicycle highways

Smart Parking System

SUM-X: Cargo eBike

ubitricity: lamppost chargers for urban EV drivers

Pluto Technologies: Cost-effective asset management platform

Cezigue: app-builder for connected mobility

Environmental data analysis & visualisation

Modular and open integration platform

Allihop: Green Business Travel

Eco Alert Zones: Low-Emission Zones geospatial database

EVcharge - The EV Chargers Management Platform

vadeBike: Safe and secure docking stations.

The Intelligent City Performance Platform - Smart and liveable to the city of the future.

Libelium Smart Parking Sensor

MeePath: Data platform


Eye-Net Protect: An all-road users safety solution. Secure bike parking management platform

Immense: Infrastructure Operations Simulator

Happy City: Digital parking for shared micromobility

deeptraffic 101: Traffic Management Software

QOOB Mobility HUB

ModelMe3D: Immersive Co-Design of Public Spaces

Cityscaper: 3D & Augmented reality visualisations

Smart Spot - IoT device for environmental parameter sensoring.

Custom battery manufacturing service


xFlow® - Enabling autonomous vehicles eye-tracking based digital workspace

Cyclecure: Repair & Maintenance services for micromobility

DASHTRACK: Urban Platform for Cycling and Infrastructure Data

Logistia Route Planner

Everimpact: Carbon emissions measurement, reporting, verification and monetization

Ara SaaS for Real-time Data Management

BLOCK 2P: 2-point locking system

Chariot FS2: Full Suspension E-cargo trike

Data Flow by fluctuo

Long Clean Surface

Stryker-Design: Ultra-low footprint vehicle technology for personal mobility

METIS: Interoperable Mobility Analytics and Management Platform

Ottopia: Teleassistance and Teleoperation for AV

VOOVOO: Preventing Reckless Driving

INGA: Solar Electric Cargo Bike

Cargo-bike Parcels Box

BeTRITON: Fully electric amphibious RV

ev-Move Fleet

Flash Park: Outdoor IoT parking detection sensors

EP Tender: Smart powerbank trailer for EVs

City Transformer

Bib Batteries: EV Batteries monitoring and management platform

Smart Zones: Digital and bookable curbside spaces

DIGAS: Hydrogen locomotive retrofit kit

City Dive by Fluctuo

BetaStreets Pro: Street Design and Visualisation App

Volvero: Vehicle sharing platform

ATOM Mobility - leading software provider for shared mobility industry

SET - Street Experiments Tool

Tymap: A real-time delivery and fleet tracking platform

Nommon Mobility Insights: Origin-destination data collection

KINTO FLEX: Flexible Car Subscription Solution

3DAI City: Real-time insights in urban environments and highways

Hubbel: Mobility Hubs

Zipforce Slim - eBike kit

See.Sense Data Services for Micromobility

TOTT UP: GPS training for bus & coach drivers

Docking and charging stations for scooters

MIOO: Ready to ride assembly service for bike e-commerce

FF DataFactory

Wello: solar-powered e-cargo bikes

SimpleCharge: EV charging on existing lampposts

Strategic masterplanning for cities and new urban developments.

Last Mile deliveries with Cargo Bikes

The Pin Bike Kit

Mobilize Modular, smart and secure bike shelter

E-STOR: Battery energy storage systems

Tarot Routing: Last-mile optimisation and management tool

Factual DRT monitoring dashboard

RiDERgy: SaaS for automatic, low cost, greener EV-fleets charging

Murwa: Urban parking docks for scooters, bikes & e-bikes.

Trailer Duck: Electrical powered cargo bike

Sideline: Mobile & Ecological Car Wash

Operatti: Smart public transportation in rural areas.

Pendel Mobility: Autonomous Mobility as a Service

OPTIMOB - Decision support tool for bus line electrification

Chouette SaaS for Schedule Data Management

Inbalance grid: smart EV charging solution

Keet: Digital LCV Fleet Manager

UMAM: Urban Mobility Assessment Model

Cooltra - Sharing for employees

Plug & Meta: Active road safety to transform urban infrastructures

Lyko: APIs for sustainable mobility services


Vianova Curb Manager

Entroview: Entropy-based technology for battery management


E-GAP: urban, mobile on-demand charging service

Bia Optimised EV Charging

FlexCurb Driver by Urban Radar

SmartMonkey Planner: Route optimiser for last-mile deliveries

ZenSite: Smart Charging for Sites and Fleets

Safely: Road Safety Analytics System

FYMA: Unlock data from your video feeds

Geolocated images, point clouds and streetviews

Parkly: Modular Urban Furniture

Mosaic: Mobile Street Mapping Service

OKO mobile APS

Luna for safer and sustainable micromobility.

Cycle Logistics: Change management planning

Hop: Micromobility Platform Sustainable activity platform


SWITCH: Mobility demand prediction platform

Jonna Recharged: Refurbished e-bikes with quality protocols

Strava Metro: Data for bicycle and pedestrian planning

Cube Plus : Smart City bench

GalNav Indoor Navigation

Augmented LiDAR Box for Smart Infrastructures

Mapalyse: Public Participation GIS Tool

PassageWay RTPI Digital Signs

BUDDY Service: urban support & accessible travel services

Neko Double Decker Bike Rack

Parkey: B2B platform for flexible parking use

Climate Coins: Gamification app for climate protection

Usage-based insurance for shared mobility

jCharge - Solar charging system for micromobility

Urban Logistics by Urban Radar

ZDbus: ERP solutions for passengers transportation

NaviBlind: Navigator for the blind and visually impaired

2blox traffic sensor: Accurate mobility data

Pingo: Demand Responsive Transport Platform


KNOT: Docking & charging stations for bikes and scooters

DeepSpeed: electric/hybrid jet marine propulsion

Abel Sensors: Smart Parking for Bikes

LisNav: Audiodescription for the blind

Zipper® cycle lane separators

Road.Travel: Adaptive Travel Guides

Next Generation Mobility Hubs

MyLock Scooter: Parking structure for electric scooters

VePa - Vertical Parking

4screen - the driver interaction platform

CO2e-calculator: Calculate, Compare, Reduce and Contribute for your Travel Impact

NIMBEE: Mobile Charging Stations

Diagonal: Spatial data visualisation

VEOMO: Mobility Monitor

Intercomp Smart Parking Systems for Smart Cities

Meight: Transport Fleet Management

AUXTAIL: Integrated rear rack

Triplesign: Variable Message Sign

Swobbee: Battery Swapping Station

Moprim Move Together

Waybler Charging Solution

Smart Point: Reducing delivery vans in cities.

ElectricFeel Shared Mobility OS

Cargo Cycling Convy

Whee! Cargobike subscription service

Predictive maintenance application for electrified vehicles' batteries

TrueSight 1.0

TripShift Platform - Automated carbon tracking.

Optifarm: Smart delivery of local food products

BLINK! Lighting Saddles

Metaurban Smart: Urban safety barrier that prevents traffic accidents

A.S.S.E.S.S. - Autonomous System for Smart Evaluation of Structures and Assets.

Monark Centro: Cargo bikes for everyone

Fleet Operations Planning Simulator

TruckY: Fleet management tool to save energy

Aerodymax Trailer Skirt

Natilus Kona 3.8T Cargo Drone

Mappo: In-vehicle, location-based infotainmaint

ANDYAMO : a multimodal route planner adapted to people with reduced mobility.

EP-GRIP VELO: Safe cycling paths

Zebra® Family cycle lane separators

AIRLY: Hyperlocal air quality monitoring platform

EVIO’s Electrical Vehicle Ecosystem Management Platform

Last Mile Digital Platform


DUMA: Dynamic Urban Mobility Assistant

The R.O.A.D. System: Data collection for cycling infrastructure

Asistobe PROGNOSIS: AI/ML algorithms to predict the future transport demand, the on-demand transport system

KINTO Share: Car sharing solution

Mercedes-Benz Data Dashboard

PLATIO solar paver

Electric Avenue Bikes Ltd


Mobilypod: Secure bike shelters

realCity: Intelligent traffic systems for drivers, dispatchers and passengers

ACE MOBILITY: Ride-hailing service for people with disabilities

Gecko Risk: Alternative fuel vehicle data platform

Street Transformations

Factual Smart Commute: Digital Corporate Mobility Planner

CyberAutoMatics: In-vehicle cyber security & fleet performance platform

Vivacity AI sensor for traffic flow monitoring.

INSPECH Assessment: Digital tool for road conditions assessment and reporting

KERB: Smart Parking Solutions

FlexCurb Planning by Urban Radar

THOR AVAS: Acoustic Vehicle Alerting System

Circu Li-ion: Battery upcycling / reuse solution

WeSolve: Community engagement App

SiWeGO: Smart Eco Transport

IMPARGO: Transport Management Platform

DASHBIKE: Camera device for cycling and infrastructure data collection

BRUNTOR: Last-mile delivery kick-scooter

Clean commute and charging system

Belat: Any space locker for orderly micromobility.

Autonomous Road Inspector: traffic signage & road surface detection

Urban Air Quality Sensors

Mosaic 51: durable 360º camera for urban mapping & surveying

Parkunload: Smart Loading Zones

Smart Kiwi: Fleet rebalancing & optimisation platform

full&fast: Fully-Integrated Energy Storage Solutions

Fret Impact by Urban Radar


E-scooter fleet management platform

Tripy: Electric Bike Sharing Platform

EVware Core FLEX

Magway: Zero-emissions transport without batteries or fuels

Soca: Urban parking docks for bikes & e-bikes

waveOut: The platform for audio augmented reality navigation

Vianova Mobility Manager

Predictive Maintenance for Electrical Machines on Ships.

Shuttle Planet: On-demand long-distance shared transport platform


Gocleer Mobility Data Platform

Mosaic Viking: 360º high resolution camera for urban mapping & surveying.

LUMiCHARGER LP: EV charger sockets

Urvis Business: Electric cargo bikes

Metapilot: AI launchpad for airtaxis, vertiports, and future mobility

BikeFair: bicycle marketplace

StreetMx: Data-based design & decision tool for cities, citizens to score and benchmark streets

ProperGate: Smart materials delivery for complex construction sites, construction suppliers and cities

eBIKE PORT solar: Rest and charging station for e-bikes.

Hopper Mobility

Mobile Mapping Systems.

MAMCA Decision Making Software

Mooevo Trike

VelSol - Modular cycling infrastructure.

Aima+: AI-powered data intelligence platform for shared and connected mobility

Bicihangar Rocket: Secure bike & scooter parking.

Polarity II: Smart Lampposts for Smart Roads

Trafi for Cities

WingLights turning indicators

RAPID - 3D Prototyping

Bambookoa: bicycles made of bamboo

NOVALITY: Smart parking solutions for bikes & scooters

Scout Plus: an innovative multimodal Traffic Surveys Solution

geoFluxus. Transparency platform for urban goods and waste flows.

Solum Helios

dataJiro AI: People Counting Systems in Public Transportation

RoadEO: Road quality monitoring and prediction platform

Beev: Revolutionizing the electric car experience

Witick : Mobile ticketing for public transport

Pave Commute, the green commuter assistant.

Autonomous Delivery Technology for Online Order Platforms.

DILAX Citisense

Motion: Sustainable Mobility Platform

Miivo Mobility

Bikademy - for sustainbale cycling tourism and urban mobility

MOSA Intelligent Cycle Parking Hubs and Management Solutions

WYZE: Electric Scooters for Mobility Services


Remote Sensing Device

Bus Manager: Manage and share real-time data without the need for new hardware or extra equipment

eParkio: p2p parking management

Phygital Analytics: Mobile devices detection and user behaviour analysis

Elonroad: Electric road system

Cognata: Safety digital twin for smart cities

Autodrive Solutions: Road Digitisation

Gotikket Booking Platform


ATX340E H2GO: Electric Vehicle with Hydrogen range extender

Honeycomb: Universal Charging Locker Pods for Micromobility

Newky: Digital Key of Mobility and Physical World

Karos Mobility: Carpool platform for daily commuting

DockChain - Fast charging for fleets and car parks.

Actibump for safer roads

Charging Optimisation (available as an API or White Label)

Ampliuz: Battery charging station

Isarsoft Perception. Privacy compliant video analytics.

Lobelia Air: Data on street-level

Ciclogreen: Corporate mobile app to quantify and reduce emissions

Cyber2Car: the safeguard for connected cars

Asistobe EXPLORE: Get insights about the entire public transport network

Last-mile food delivery robot

Forfait Mobilité Durable

Watergen On-Board: Creating water from air

BGI Builder for climate resilient cities.

Zipforce Distance - eBike kit

Buddyp2p: A platform renting private parking spaces and EV chargers


SmanApp: Mobile App that rewards safe driving


Liquid Guard ®

Citizen's Needs by Urban Radar

SHQUARED: Micro-Hubs for logistics

Vectorial® system


Amperfied Wallbox Smart charging with solar systems

CommuteSaver: CO2 emissions tracker for commuting

Hyke: Smart City Shuttle

A4Radar: Smart radar warning sensors

CurbIQ: Understand, manage, analyze and optimize your curbside

Smart Parking solution

Magic Lane: Map, Location & Navigation platform for developers

The Good Seat : get the best ride-hailing and taxi data & offers with integrated booking and payments

Vianova Mobility Policy Auto-Tuner

NUDGD: Smart Nudges Mobility

SunRider: The solar-powered cargo e-bike

Trap: Urban parking docks for scooters

Bout's water transport platform - Boat rides & cruises under your fingertips.

TFT100 - electric mobility and heavy machinery GPS tracker

BelotPay: One app for all transports

ZOOP - Solar micro car.

SmartCar Mobility Platform

Etheclobox for thermo sensitive last mile deliveries.

nemi: demand-responsive transport

TicketO: Environmental shared mobility wallet

Karfu: Mobility comparison platform

Nimbus: Software platform for robotic applications.

Cogo - Shared mobility app

Fleet Electrification Planning tool

Papaya: A platform to source, run and manage sustainable fleets

SafeMode: Fleet driver engagement & incentive platform

DKSR: Open Urban Data Platform

Bia EV Data Services

VONZU: Last-mile logistics management platform

MaaS Solution

Greenroads: AI traffic video analytics tool for smart cities

SpotBeam: V2X for Safer Mobility

Lokit Wallbox: Micro-mobility docking station

MotionPass: In-car payments platform

Maptionnaire: Citizen engagement platform

Libelium Air Quality Station

SEADS Blue Barriers: Collect & Upcycle river plastic waste

MOBIX Park & Charge

Cartologica: Asset inventory solution

NielsenConcept's all inclusive, individual and collective bike selection Universal E-bike charging station

This App Saves Lives: Mobile app that rewards undistracted driving

GoElektrik: One-stop shop for Wallbox installations

N1 Mobility Helmet

KoDelivery: Logistics optimisation platform

Delphisonic DS-xR

Dynamic Route Optimization, Mobile Driver App & Tracking

GoGiro: Micromobility for City Hotels

Giravolta Mobility Platform

Scootable: Micromobility platform for scooters, e-bikes, e-cars.

MagDock: wireless charging station for micro-mobility

Mobile Mapping with Feature Extraction

Cermoni: Public Transport Decision Support System

Eliminating curve squealing of tramways and other rail vehicles - CL-E1

Mosaic X: 360º camera for 3D modelling and mapping.

Smart Truck Parking solution


MOOEVO CLEAN: Electrified Sweeper Cart

King Long: Pure electric city buses

Stanley Robotics: Automated Robotic Valet Parking

IPA2X - Intelligent pedestrian assistant

Best Practices

Best practice list

Copenhagen: Climate adaptation for more resilient and green urban neighborhoods.

Helsingborg: Portable parks as a flexible solution to green the city

Bologna's Bella Mossa app provided incentives for citizens to travel more sustainably in the city

CES4Kids: Engaging Children and Youth into the Co-creation of Sustainable Mobility

Climate Change Gamification for 9 Cities in Germany

Riga: Square transformation – the heart of the neighbourhood instead of a parking lot

Milan, Modena and Ljubljana: Robotic assistance for safer street crossing trialled.

Riga: Transforming a parking lot back into a theatre square

Boosting environmental performance of full hybrid buses through geofencing in Sierre

Munich airport: a large corporate site with unpredictable mobility patterns

Vilnius Old Town: Loop Traffic, a step towards low pollution zones.

Behavioural change campaign encouraging use of the cycle highway between Arnhem-Nijmegen

Tel Aviv: Contributing to pedestrian road safety

Vilnius: From car focus to society focus

Optimised scenarios for Bergen Light Rail expansion

Innovative light-up pedestrian crossings implemented in Funchal

New mode for transporting pharmacy products by drone trialled in Helsinki

Urban Consolidation Center supported by a Digital Twin improves city logistics in Madrid

Towards Zero-Emission Fleets: Implementing a smart charging strategy for a local e-bus depot in Barcelona

Torre Baró: an isolated neighborhood with challenging geography

Fyfield: A rural school with big mobility needs.

Prague successfully implements cargo bicycle hubs to reduce freight congestion in the inner city

Nijmegen: Reserved (bike) parking for people with reduced mobility.

First bicycle tram offered exclusively to bike users in Konya

The path to climate neutral passenger transport at Munich Airport

London expands its successful Ultra Low Emission Zone scheme.

Piloting On-demand Taxi Sharing in Milan

Cunit: How a small coastal town piloted a smart inventory of its road infrastructure.

Istanbul: Applied immersive modelling to engage public transport users in urban planning.

Piloting an inclusive, A to B travel, e-bike solution for physically impaired

How Istanbul identifies fraudulent behaviour for more equitable access to the local taxi system.

Leuven: Reimagining the curbside - Deployment of comprehensive inventory for targeted interventions.

Braga, Istanbul, Tallinn: Accelerating the modal shift through gamification and rewards.

Implementation of fast electric vehicle chargers and an electrified public vehicle fleet in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

Tel-Aviv: Retrofitting bike racks for secure and connected micromobility parking.

Astypalea: On-demand & shared mobility for an entire island.

Community Mobility Sharepoints in Munich and Zurich

Girona: How a digital DRT platform mobilised former transport deserts.

Autonomous shuttle piloted in Helsinki to deliver proof-of-concept for the management of autonomous public transport fleets

Graz implements 'School Living Labs' to provide safer streets for children

Madrid: Piloting a sustainable last-mile delivery system.

Cascais: Improving mobility for children

Vallirana: a small town with big mobility challenges

France: Efficient Daily Commutes for Healthcare Workers through Carpooling

Ile-De-France: How Paris eradicates diesel-propelled buses from public transport.

Lisbon: Demand-responsive transport for persons with disabilities.

Riga: Standardised parklets to create green street oases


Insight list

Accelerating the digital transformation of European transport: Towards a common European mobility data space (EMDS)

How to overcome regulatory barriers for Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS)? | Keynote by Nedzad Piric

Electric Mobility Transition Project in the Arab Region: Are Citizens Ready to Shift to Electric Vehicles? | Keynote by Marwa Ben Ali

Towards more integrated and safer micromobility adoption: what data says

“Please mind the gap!”: A comparison of European and American rider experiences on public transport | Keynote by Lucy Mascarenhas

Meeting Green Deal goals in sustainable urban mobility pays off, and a lot

Advancing Public-area Mobile Robots: A Municipal Guidebook

Is gender part of your mobility lens? | Keynote by Marianne Weinreich

Mode-Oriented Street Design: Shifting Perspectives in Urban Planning | Keynote by George Liu

The evolution of Shared Mobility trends in Europe | European Shared Mobility Index Q2

A bird's eye view on Urban Air Mobility | Mobility Talks

Intelligent City Performance Platforms – the backbone of smart and liveable cities of the future | Keynote by Augustin Friedel

Urban waste collection on the pursuit of zero-emissions: new models to fill the market gap

Helsinki's Vision 2030 or how to imagine a future yet to arrive | Keynote by Lakstein Albert Fernandes

Leading European mobility labs bringing innovation to life.

Five ways to replace parking spaces in cities | Keynote by Lior Steinberg

Your blueprint for a greener mobility is here: Discover +130 innovations to make a difference!

What cyclists need to know about blind spots when sharing the road with heavy vehicles? | Keynote by Andrea Freiermuth

Urban Freight Logistics: An introduction to new modes of delivery, business models and policy recommendations.

Closing the autonomous gap: how to lead autonomous driving to success | Keynote by Augustin Friedel

Public Mobile Robots on the forerun: Critical standards to preserve quality of space in cities | Keynote by Bern Grush

Concepts that improve city logistics: Groningen example | Keynote by Lior Steinberg

Without frustration: How urban access regulations can resolve mobility challenges.

Intermodality comfort required: How micro-mobility and public transit can reinforce each other

Data and technology: The challenge of combining big data and people’s needs | Keynote by Lior Steinberg

Building the future of mobility. +110 selected innovations ready to make a difference in your city!

What solutions can improve micromobility end user adoption?

Demand Responsive Transport: A game-changer for rural and peri-urban communities?

New Streets Concepts: Experimenting from Parklet to Miniblock | Keynote by Ana Rivas

What are the current Shared Mobility trends? | European Shared Mobility Index

The European AI market: towards ethical leadership

The progress of shared micro mobility across Europe | Keynote by Augustin Friedel

Proximity for all: implementing inclusive ±15-Minute City concepts.

Critical enablers to scale Urban Air Mobility

HOPU joins forces with Libelium

Transforming wind turbine waste into sustainable urban solutions | Keynote by Zehra Nur Simsek

Walking and cycling data: Practice, challenges, needs and gaps | Keynote by Marianne Weinreich

Green mobility: Let’s put European cities on a Mobility Diet | Keynote by Robert Martin

(Re)-connecting cities: mobility, people, and places | Mobility Talks

Micro-incentives: Can smart pricing be a trigger to accelerate modal shift?

Using Data for Sustainable Urban Mobility | Keynote by Alanus von Radecki

Mobility Talks: Multimodal digital mobility services

Did you know maps could do this? How mobile mapping impacts your life | Keynote by Lynn Puzzo

Can the European Mobility Data Space make it easier to travel? | Mobility Talks

Mobile charging robots complementing EV infrastructure ramp-up | Keynote by Achim Kampker & Jonathan Gerz

Smart Urban Infrastructure: Transforming Public Spaces and Transport for Sustainability and Attractiveness

Can daily travel make us happy? The contribution of undirected trips to well-being | Keynote by Hannah Hook

Mobility Budget: The approach of future corporate mobility? | Keynote by Augustin Friedel

Unlocking Sustainable Urban Transformation: Discover the Nordic Approach

Towards cleaner and more energy-efficient mobility

Decarbonisation of road freight transport: How to accelerate the uptake of zero emission vehicles?

E-Buses: An introduction to charging types, business models and policy recommendations.

Electric Shockwaves and Autonomous Waves: Major innovation challenges in Europe? | Keynote by Mario Herger

Sidewalks alone don't make happy pedestrians | Keynote by Thomas Hug

Automated Driving: Would you like regulations with that? | Keynote by Bern Grush

Does the pandemic bring something positive after all? | Keynote by Lennert Verhulst

Urban delivery solutions: New road vehicles to focus on

Revolutionising drone services: How 5G technology is paving the way for a new era of AAM

A Market Review on Urban Air Mobility: Challenges, Opportunities, and the Path Ahead.

Beyond 15min city-centres: How far is local?


Opportunity list

Norway-Bergen: Category B | Low and zero-emissions systems for the transport sector on land

CC 2022-01-11 22:39

Clermont-Auvergne: Supply and installation of bike parking furniture.

Moldova-Edinet: Development of the intelligent public transport system.

Norway-Bergen: Consultation on fully electric bus models

Greece-Ioannina: Data collection and environmental impact monitoring to create behavioural change

Singapore: Sustainability Open Innovation Challenge 2022.

Norway-Stavanger: Public transport-related consultancy

Tel Aviv: Anti-theft bicycle and scooter measures

Czechia-České Budějovice: Cycle path construction


Greece-Larissa: Creating micromobility hubs through secure bicycle parkings

Barcelona-Spain: City logistics data-driven

Helsinki: Development of digital innovations to enhance the quality of life for citizens with disabilities

Leveraging EU space data from Copernicus & Galileo (Prototype Award)

Denmark-Taastrup: Mobility Data Solution

Greece-Athens: Creation of a gamification tool for citizen participation and engagement

Spain-Mataro: Railway Station Experience, Intermodality & Inclusive Accessibility

Denmark-Copenhagen: Installation and operation of an Intelligent Transport System at the Copenhagen Bus Terminal.

Italy-Ispra: Safety of Advanced and Autonomous Vehicles

Norway-Oslo: Development of a sustainable business model for Oslo's MOVE21 consolidation terminal

CC 2022-01-26 09:55

Ireland-Naas: Design of a masterplan for sustainable mobility and urban transformation

Helmond: Advancing the technologies for Autonomous Vehicles

Norway-Haugesund: New contest for urban furniture financed by advertisements.

Luxembourg-Luxembourg: Management of the green mobility strategy related to the workplace

Norway-Oslo: Establishment of mobility points for green and active mobility

France-Toulouse: Support in the preparation of the city's digital infrastructure strategy

Germany-Detmold: Revitalisation of conversion areas for high-quality and sustainable urban living.

Tallinn: Limited micro-mobility usage during winter months

France: Financial support for the deployment of electric heavy-duty vehicles and charging infrastructure.

France-Vannes: Electric vehicle charging infrastructure network services

The future of railway operations and maintenance.

Germany-Bergisch Gladbach: Research project to enhance pedestrian traffic and promote active mobility

Germany-Leipzig: Open space design for “Wilhelm-Leuschner-Platz”

Switzerland-Berne: Expansion plans for PV systems, energy storage, and e-charging infrastructure

Cyprus-Nicosia: Supply, installation, integration, and maintenance of ITS system

Germany-Ottersberg: Provision of a Mobility Application

Spain-Madrid: Designing the bus of the future.

Motorways and active mobility – cycle highways

Belgium-Brussels: Charging of EV electric vehicles

Norway-Molde: Conducting a market analysis to gain customer insights in public transport

Leveraging EU space data from Copernicus & Galileo (Idea Award)

Europe: Social Innovation Tournament 2023

France-Paris: AI for Urban Mobility.

EMEA: Innovating new mobility solutions.

CC 2022-01-11 23:13

Stockholm: Innovative street charging

India: Development of a systematic plan and implementation strategy for electric mobility in cities.

Worldwide: Creating a holistic smart mobility and energy coordination system.

Connectivity Innovation Challenge

Germany-Berlin: Provision of floating car data for automatic traffic situation calculation in Berlin-Brandenburg.

Germany-Stralsund: Design of public (street) spaces

Mexico: Supporting digital transformation of the public transport

Italy-Milan: Action for 5G - connected mobility.

Netherlands: Digital authentification and verification software for driving licenses.

Sweden-Stockholm: Holistic logistics services in healthcare.

Mobility Lab Foundation: Transforming Vitoria-Gasteiz and Araba through Innovation in Mobility and Logistics.

Germany-Munich: Digital implementation of the zonal diesel driving ban.

Germany-Duisburg: Intelligent neighbourhoods development.

Norway-Oslo: Market dialogue on actor-neutral collection points.

Portugal-Braga: Enhancing bike safety and monitoring cyclists flows

Romania-Câmpina: Creation of a Smart City Strategy and Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan (SUMP)

Netherlands-Rotterdam: Supply, Installation and maintenance of road safety signals (North)

Germany-Grevenbroich: Creation of an integrated mobility concept

Germany-Berlin: Construction of car parking with e-mobility services

Mobile ecosystems advancing Health, Work, and Mobility

Spain-Barcelona: Nature-based solutions for sustainable cities.

Hungary-Szombathely: Demand-driven mobility design

Hamburg: Real time information about occupancy of busses and trains

Luxembourg: Creation of a digital surface data set of transport infrastructure

Munich: City Logistics Marketplace

MobiDataLab #Codagon

Ankara-Türkiye: Optimising micro-mobility operations

Europe: Assessment of Infrastructure Costs Calculation, Tolls Calculation and Variation for Vehicles in EU Member States.

Helsinki: Activation of hard-reach residents using existing data

Debrecen-Hungary: Integration of remote neighbourhoods through active mobility

Montenegro-Podgorica: Civil engineering consultancy services

JobBike Bayern: Framework agreement on the provision of bicycles, supplies and digital services

Netherlands-Amersfoort: Mobility-as-a-Service

Singapore: The future of air traffic management.

Advancing Social Innovation for Safe and Sustainable Mobility

Finland-Helsinki: Multi-modal journey planner solutions.

Prague: EV Charging infrastructure

UK-Westminster: Climate action - Building and citywide emission tracking.

Ireland-Waterford: Building capacities. Workshop programme for sustainable mobility

Italy-Futani: Supply and installation of 7 cycling stations

Rhein-Neckar Region: Development of open mobility data - parking space data.

Turkey-Ankara: Transport equipment to support city's urban mobility

Norway-Trondheim: Shared mobility services

Germany: Scientific evaluation of projects on the adaptation of urban spaces to climate change.

UK-Edinburgh: Delivery of a cloud based Urban Traffic and Air Quality Management system.

Norway-Trondheim: Market dialogue on attractive mobility solutions

Finland-Helsinki: Creation of an aggregated database for national multimodal mobility services

Bolivia: Consultancy and training activities within the renewable energy program (incl. development of electric mobility)

Long Distance Traffic 2023 - Intelligent noise detection & analysis.

Fugiat neque itaque

Belgium-Brussels: Creation of vibrant and inclusive public space

Italy-Gorizia: Deployment of street-lighting systems

Canada-New Westminster: Intelligent City Challenge

European Startup Prize for Mobility

Research project - Social acceptance conditions in automated rail traffic at GoA3+

Moldova-Edinet: Modernization of the public lighting network

Italy-Ispra: On-demand transport services

Spain-Barcelona: Accessibility for people with reduced mobility to subway trains.

Canada-Vancouver: Innovative strategies to improve mobility.

Czechia-Ostrava: Development of hydrogen mobility - construction part

Netherlands-Utrecht: Installation of traffic monitoring equipment

Sweden-Stockholm: Mapping the market for tenants' shared mobility.

Slovenia-Ljubljana: Implementation and maintenance of a MaaS service

Ireland-Dublin: Market consultation for Eco Hub logistics operations

Tampere: Traffic Management

test registered user

Romania-Motru: Equipment for Sustainable Urban Mobility

Norway-Oslo: Consultancy for the mobility projects

Future of Construction Technologies 2023 - Inspection and condition monitoring

Netherlands-The Hague: Regular and on-demand delivery of goods.

Germany-Berlin: Construction of a footpath bridge to connect areas of Europacity

Troms & Finnmark: Pre-commercial procurement project on Smart Road Accessibility and Safety

North Macedonia-Skopje: Preparation of Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan

Switzerland-Aarau: Assessment of the condition of power lines via drones.

Germany-Essen: Installation of a low-voltage system for the Ruhrallee depot energy center

Spain-Huelva: Development of the Smart City initiative

Tel-Aviv: What are the best ways to manage the curbside?

Hamburg-Bergedorf: Open competition for the development of the first two mobility hubs.

Germany-Bremen: Public transport passenger surveys and data integration.

Madrid: Secure bicycle parking

The Hague-The Netherlands: Improving sustainable journeys to the beach

Norway-Trondheim: Framework agreement for the administration of electric bicycles

Germany-Frankfurt: Creation of a vibrant urban district

EUCF: Development of Investment Concepts related to climate & energy action plans of municipalities

Italy-Ispra: Safety of Advanced and Autonomous Vehicles

Brussels: Business modelling for shared off-street car parks.

Norway-Vestfold and Telemark county: Feasibility study of the Tønsberg region "City package" (incl. impact calculation of different traffic measures)

Europe: Sustainable City Logistics.

Spain-Barcelona: Reducing motorcycle-related accidents.

Belgium-Brussels: Delivery of the European road safety charter campaign

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Belgium-Malines: Delivery, installation, and maintenance of a dynamic traffic control system

France-Marseille: Environmental services during the Val'Tram project.

Germany-Stralsund: Coordination of public participation in the mobility transition

Samsung Mobile Advance 2023

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Norway-Trondheim: Dialogue for assessing the impacts of public transport in conjunction with new shared mobility forms

Europe: Training and certification of emerging technologies in aviation.

Madrid: Parking and docking stations for micro-mobility

Tel-Aviv: What are the best ways to manage the curbside?

Using Pre-commercial Procurements for Drop-in Advanced Biofuel for Commercial Cargo-shipping and Aviation (Study)

Germany-Munich: New digital city experience.

Mechelen-Belgium: Measuring freight CO2 emissions

Spain-Mataró: Smart Railway Station

Germany-Kelheim: Providing on-demand transport services.

Antwerp Kempen region: Corporate bicycle leasing agreement with an intermunicipal development company

Norway-Sarpsborg: Implementation of a ridesharing solution

Greece-Heraklion: Electric-powered micro-vehicle for PRM passengers’ mobility in the pedestrianised city centre

Spain-Mataro: Rail Transit Customer Happiness

France-Marseille: Designing a sustainable airport terminal.

Las Rozas-Madrid: Installation, maintenance, and integration of municipal parking system into the smart city data infrastructure.

Stuttgart-Germany: Rethink your ride

Romania-Adjud: Outdoor sports equipment and urban furniture for Municipal Park

Denmark-Lolland: Mobility-as-a-Service 2.0

Norway-Bergen: Category C | Low and zero-emissions systems for the transport sector at sea

Netherlands-Rotterdam: Deployment of traffic controllers

Greece-Larissa: Management and control of parking spaces for persons with reduced mobility (PRM)

Greece-Heraklion: Control of motorised vehicle access in the pedestrianised area of the city centre

Hungary-Szombathely: Sustainable mobility as an alternative

Austria-Vorarlberg: Development and implementation of a MaaS platform.

Türkiye-Ankara: Full-scale bike sharing system

Netherlands-Utrecht: Traffic-monitoring equipment

Sweden: UAS Traffic Management (UTM) solution.

France-Paris: Transport innovation for more sustainable cities.

A Testbed for Advanced Aerial Mobility

Finland-Helsinki: Creation of a database for national multimodal mobility

Spain-Mataró: Customer happiness

Germany-Essen: Installation of new LED street lighting

Sweden's leading ICT cluster and testbed based in Stockholm.

Denmark-Copenhagen: Consumption based emissions - tracking and impacting.

Portugal-Braga: Improving monitoring and use of on-street parking spaces

Slovakia-Bratislava: Feasibility studies for train transportation

Spain-Mataro: Railway Passenger Safety

Ireland-Dublin: Annual SCANNER and SCRIM survey conduction.

IoT for Good: Smart and connected mobility.

Spain-Mataro: Rail Transit Customer Happiness

Belgium-Brussels: Creation of pedestrian bridges and requalification of public space

Smart Trenčín: Dynamic traffic & energy data management systems

Norway-Bergen: Category A | Analysis and development of line networks and mobility offerings

Barcelona: Flexible charging points in underground car parks

TAVF - Test track for automated and connected driving in Hamburg

Long Distance Traffic 2023 - Reservable parking spaces at railway stations.

Germany-Cologne: Urban planning, sustainable traffic, and mobility concept created through participatory process

Switzerland-Winterthur: Intstallation of a stationless vehicle rental system

Latvia-Riga: Non-scheduled passenger transport at the University of Riga.

Akureyri-Iceland: Optimising transport intermodality

Germany-Leipzig: Awareness and commitment to greenhouse gas emission reduction.

Spain-Mataro: Railway Passenger Safety

France-Grenoble: Preliminary market consultation on “Green and Climate neutral City Hub"

Norway-Trondheim: Design of a bridge for bicycles and pedestrians

Long Distance Traffic 2023 - Sensorboxes to collect relevant data.

Belgium-Brussels: Collection and data analysis of external and infrastructure costs of transport

Elevating road operations and infrastructure maintenance with drone technology

France-Nantes: Sustainable parking systems

Ireland-Dublin: Expansion and enhancement of public and demand responsive transport routes and services

Germany-Berlin: Construction of bicycle parking area

Canada-Vancouver: Transportation, Zero Waste, Green Buildings, and Rainwater Management

Dubnica nad Váhom-Slovakia: Micromobility usage uptake

Norway-Oslo: Market dialogue for establishing a shared mobility tool

Greater Lisbon: Premium experience at bus interchanges in Cascais

Prague: Logistics Optimization

Czechia-Prague: Development of modular data portal to empower smart city initiatives

Worldwide: Integrating urban electric mobility solutions.

Toulouse: Reverse logistic, focusing on bio-waste collection from restaurants

Germany-Speyer: Cleaning the lane median on federal highways.

Germany-Leipzig: Virtual experience of the city's historical transformation.

Spain-Mataro: Rail Transit Customer Happiness

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Prague: Digital regulation of mobility services

Mobility Solutions Showroom in Amsterdam

Ajka-Hungary: Public transport optimisation

Norway-Stavanger: Development and installation of IoT sensors and services

German Mobility Award 2023

MOBIHUB Stralsund

Colombia: Supporting sustainable and inclusive mobility

Norway-Hamar: Delivery of MaaS related services

Istanbul: How to improve taxi driver license inspection?

Helsingborg-Sweden: Bicycle culture know-how

Kranj: Installation of public electrical charging points for buses.

Europe: Plan to repurpose used batteries of electric vehicles

Europe: Future Mobility.

Bulgaria-Sofia: Preliminary market consultation on "Green and Climate neutral Hub"

Türkiye-Bursa: Traffic optimisation for cleaner cities.

Czechia-Ostrava: Development of hydrogen mobility - technological part

Luxembourg-Luxembourg: Training and Capacity-building for Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans (SUMP)

Belgium-Flanders: Supply, installation and operations of smart charging infrastructure for electric vehicles.

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Germany-Berlin: Engineering design services for traffic installations

Testcenter for Automated Driving and Transportation

Finland-Helsinki: Technologies to promote digital equality.

Germany-Gelsenkirchen: Providing support for the implementation of the Smart Cities programme

Prague: Creation of a tool to engage with public and foster the accessibility of existing urban data

Inclusive autonomous transportation of passengers and goods

Germany-Frankfurt-am-Main: Development of Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan (SUMP)

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Belgium-Brussels: Quantification of required maintenance and infrastructure works on regional roads.

Xanthi: Supply & installation of smart controlled parking system.

France-Nantes: Design, implementation and maintenance of a MaaS

France-Lens: Pre-operational feasibility study for the establishment of a cycle route.

Denmark: Development of a unified digital mobility solution for public transport.

Germany-Berlin: Road construction services for fundamental traffic system renewal

Germany-Berlin: Evaluation and selection of optimal tram route for corridor enhancement

Mobility Lab Foundation: Transforming Vitoria-Gasteiz and Araba through Innovation in Mobility and Logistics.

Sweden-Kungsbacka: Consulting services for road and traffic improvement

Nouvelle-Aquitaine: Call for projects "Road and Maritime Hydrogen Mobility Hub"

Copernicus Demonstrators: Mobility, emergency and infrastructures data monitoring (PoC)

Germany-Leipzig: Smart and efficient medical transport.

France-Atlantic Coast: Study of the use and economic benefits of the La Vélodyssée® - Atlantic Coast Route (Ev1) cycle route.

Germany, Austria: Energy storage for rest areas

Italy-Lodi: Supply of electric buses

Romania-Bucharest: Refurbishment of the Alba Iulia power station.

Netherlands-Rotterdam: Supply, Installation and maintenance of road safety signals (South)

Spain-Mataro: Railway Station Experience, Intermodality & Inclusive Accessibility

France-Atlantic Coast: Study of the use and economic benefits of the La Vélodyssée® - Atlantic Coast Route (Ev1) cycle route.

Germany-Bensheim: Creation of a sustainable and inclusive mobility concept

France-Normandie: Development and maintenance of the regional digital multimodal transport platform.

Canada-Coquitlam: Building sustainable modes of transportation

Germany: Nudging active modes for job-related mobility.

Cyprus-Limassol: Installation of a smart parking system

Slovenia-Maribor: Citizen awareness and engagement creation through a gamification tool

Capital Region of Denmark: EV charging price transparency

Germany-Kiel: Development of an integrated public and on-demand transport software and services

Romania-Curtea de Argeș: Design and development of the municipal cycling network.

Austria-Vienna: Development of sustainable energy solutions for a climate-neutral city

Germany: Sustainability analysis of cycling on country roads.

France-Paris: Imagine the city of the future.

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Long Distance Traffic 2023 - Reduced energy consumption through optimised driving strategies.

Greater Lisbon: School mobility in Cascais

Spain-Mataró: Disruptive railway solutions

That's a title!

Designing safe and efficient mobility.

Romania-Mioveni: Provision of electric buses and charging stations

Spain-Mataro: Railway Station Experience, Intermodality & Inclusive Accessibility

Peru: Mobile Cities - Supporting the implementation of the national urban transport policy.

Amsterdam: Creation of inclusive broadcasting for hearing-impaired in public transport

Greentech mobility and CASE infrastructure

France-Lens: Feasibility study and prefiguration of a Low Mobility Emission Zone

France-Nantes: Development of a centralised management of passenger and multimodal traffic information.

Leveraging EU space data from Copernicus & Galileo (Product Award)

Canada-Vancouver: Building a smarter and greener transportation infrastructure.

Ireland-Trim: Coastal Aerial LiDAR & Imagery Survey 2023

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Indonesia: Supporting the development of sustainable urban transport projects.

Italy-Rivarolo Canavese: Management of the municipal parking and bike sharing system.

Portugal-Braga: Encouraging alternative transportation for school commuting.

UK: Smart load control in ferry trailers.

Spain-Cádiz: Establishment of transport ticketing networks

Spain-Pamplona region: Regional Urban Transport and Taxi Market Base Study

Veszprém: Development of the public bike system

France-Paris: B2B e-commerce platform for local fresh products.

Istanbul: How to integrate Sea Taxis into the Public Transport system?

France-Paris: Cultivating Urban Innovation for the Smart City.

Denmark-Copenhagen: Digital waste management collaboration

Research project - Resilience of intermodal public transport networks

Norway-Bergen: Category D | Project management within relevant disciplines

Canada-New Westminster: Intelligent city infrastructure.

Belgium-Brussels: Deployment of Mobility as a Service solution

Spain-Mataro: Railway Passenger Safety

France-Paris: Bus-shuttle drop-off and pick-up areas for spectators of the Olympics 2024.

France-Paris: Boosting the social and ecological transition of cities.

Italy-Torino: Creation of a monitoring tool for waste from electric and electronic equipment

France-Toulouse: Communication support in the open consultation and public debate of mobility & transport projects.

Ireland-Dublin: Market consultation for zero-emission ramp-accessible coaches

Greater Lisbon: On-demand transport service to serve the Cascais-Parede commerce area

Greece-Heraklion: Creating micromobility hubs through secure bicycle parkings

Munich-Germany: Smart data on mobility patterns

France-Saint-Lo: Coastline monitoring and data collection by aerial drones.

Greece-Heraklion: Management and control of parking spaces for persons with reduced mobility (PRM) and logistics

Switzerland-Lausanne: Study on the development of public spaces and the management of mobility

Romania-Târgoviște: Delivery of fleet management and e-ticketing systems

Finland-Helsinki: Market consultation for Finland's rail modernisation programme

Zero-emission hydrogen technologies for heavy commercial transport and waterway logistics

Canada-Vancouver: Innovative strategies to improve mobility across Metro

France-Paris: Mobility and urban development related market research

Co-creating future smart mobility solutions in Helsinki

Istanbul SUMP Stage II - Implementation

Italy-Greve: Smart public lighting and traffic light systems.

United Kingdom-Manchester: Building assessment with drones

Finland-Helsinki: New 3D street mapping technologies.

Worldwide: Shaping the future of sustainable maritime solutions.

Canada-Coquitlam: Building sustainable modes of transportation.

Germany-Wismar: Creating a Transport Development Plan.

Madrid 360: for sustainable mobility

Global: Enabling E-Mobility - Smart DC Metering & Monitoring.

Denmark-Copenhagen: City-wide data management platforms

Amsterdam: Smart Mobility Hub

Helsinki: Collection and generation of accessible pedestrian route information

Hungary-Szombathely: Data-driven synergies for mobility

Spain-Fuengirola: Implementation of a smart and sustainable traffic management network

A Testbed for Connected and Autonomous Vehicles Technologies.

Greece-Larissa: Collection of environmental and traffic data

Istanbul: How to prevent taxi passengers discrimination?

Tel Aviv: How to increase pedestrian road safety?

Germany: Framework agreement for delivery and installation of parking supplies at Bike+Ride facilities.

Türkiye-Bursa: Sponge cities for greener and climate-resilient urban life.

Portugal-Braga: Understanding and promoting active mobility in the city centre

World-wide: New cycling infrastructure.

Interreg project: Fuel cell cargo pedelecs

Europe: Mobility & Energy.

Germany-Bremen: Construction and delivery of two driving simulators including maintenance.

Helsinki & Tallinn: Cross-border pilot to gather information on accessibility

Portugal-Cascais: Creation of a tool to monitor and manage textile selective waste streams