Best Practices

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Bologna's Bella Mossa app provided incentives for citizens to travel more sustainably in the city

Improving accessibility for disabled and visually, hearing impaired to tourist destinations in Limassol

Boosting environmental performance of full hybrid buses through geofencing in Sierre

Munich airport: a large corporate site with unpredictable mobility patterns

Behavioural change campaign encouraging use of the cycle highway between Arnhem-Nijmegen

Innovative light-up pedestrian crossings implemented in Funchal

New mode for transporting pharmacy products by drone trialled in Helsinki

Test best practice

E-mobility stations to integrate districts in the centre-periphery of Munich

Towards Zero-Emission Fleets: Implementing a smart charging strategy for a local e-bus depot in Barcelona

Prague successfully implements cargo bicycle hubs to reduce freight congestion in the inner city

First bicycle tram offered exclusively to bike users in Konya

London expands its successful Ultra Low Emission Zone scheme

Rolling out an On-demand Taxi Sharing Service in Milan

Piloting an inclusive, A to B travel, e-bike solution for physically impaired

Implementation of fast electric vehicle chargers and an electrified public vehicle fleet in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

Community Mobility Sharepoints in Munich and Zurich

Autonomous shuttle piloted in Helsinki to deliver proof-of-concept for the management of autonomous public transport fleets

Graz implements 'School Living Labs' to provide safer streets for children


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