Are you looking for planning advice to make your city more sustainable and equitable? Then you are in the right page. Keep reading!

Major global trends such as climate change and urbanization aggravate the numerous mobility challenges cities are facing. In this context planning for sustainable, equitable, and accessible neighbourhoods is more important than ever for any liveable city. No matter which size.

Together with experts from the Technical University of Munich, EIT Urban Mobility supports small, medium, and large cities in their transition to more sustainable & equitable accessibility planning.

  • With our quantitative and qualitative approach, we empower you to identify accessibility needs and requirements
  • Our phased-in implementation plan supports you in implementing more sustainable and equitable 
  • neighbourhoods.
  • Thanks to our tailored recommendations, we map a suitable set of actions toward cost-efficient street transformations

Have a look at these examples (in the pictures section below): we used this approach to evaluate accessibility and service proximity in these cities:

  • Amsterdam
  • Milan
  • Munich
  • Madrid

Contact us to receive a proposal tailored to your circumstances and needs!

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