Get involved in the co-creation and co-dissemination of high-quality reports on specific mobility trends! Work alongside EIT Urban Mobility and sector experts in content generation on key topics and get positioning as a leader in the field.

Future mobility foresight studies link the expertise of the EIT Urban Mobility partnership to cutting-edge transport research. With publications ranging from the role of artificial intelligence in mobility to the costs and benefits of the sustainable urban mobility transition, foresight studies are a valuable source of information to leaders in the field of urban mobility.

The particular focus of the foresight studies lies on providing data-based, praxis-oriented insights and recommendations on urban mobility topics. By combining expertise from different sectors, they advance the ongoing debate on transitioning to smarter and more sustainable forms of mobility.

Study findings are shared with the European urban mobility community through dedicated events, providing visibility to the issues addressed and partners featured.

All existing foresight studies are accessible for download in the file section below:

  • Urban Mobility Next #1: Accelerating long-lasting change
  • Urban Mobility Next #2: Short version: urban mobility strategies during COVID-19
  • Urban Mobility Next #3: AI Mobility Landscape in the EU
  • Urban Mobility Next #4: Integrated and safe: how innovation can increase micromobility end user adoption
  • Urban Mobility Next #5: Costs and benefits of the sustainable urban mobility transition
  • Urban Mobility Next #6: Urban Vehicle Access Regulations: from design to implemenation
  • Urban Mobility Next #7: Demand Responsive Transport: recommendations for successful deployment 
  • Urban Mobility Next #8: Expectations and success factors for Urban Air Mobility in Europe 
  • Urban Mobility Next #9: +-15-Minute City: Human-centred planning in action. Mobility for more liveable urban spaces 

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