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Active Mobility Mobility Infrastructure
cycling, cycle lane separator, active mobility, green mobility, security

Product client

cities, governments, cyclists associations, municipalities



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Product end user

cyclists, citizens

The Zipper® system makes it possible to transform urban space quickly by building segregated cycle lanes and roundabouts. It protects cyclists and prevents other vehicles on the road from invading the cycle lane. It is modular and its modules can be installed continuously or discontinuously, allowing the construction of multiple configurations.

  1. It can be adapted to any kind of road surface.
  2. It is highly visible because 50% of the surface of its modules is retroreflective.
  3. Its modules are manufactured from recycled plastic so its environmental impact is minimal. It is an ecodesigned product.
  4. It is competitive because it makes it possible to carry out a project with minimal intervention on the public roads.
  5. Its modules are highly resistant to impact and bad weather and they can be anchored to the road surface.

Value Propositions

Zipper® makes it possible to separate traffic flows in cities.

Patents, Trademarks or other certificates

  • Design for all good practice
  • Blue Angel of the Material
  • Emblem of Guarantee of Environmental Quality

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