Zipforce Slim - eBike kit

Zipforce is a portable and light easy-to-assemble electric motor that turn any bicycle into an electric bicycle.

Supported by: EIT Urban Mobility

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Active Mobility

Zipforce Slim is a new generation of e-bike kits to convert costumers bike into an e-bike. It is the lightest on the market, quieter than the previous model and with a fully charged battery it lasts up to about 40 km.

With the new wireless sensor mounted on the pedal arm, installation is much faster than before.

Everything costumers need to ride electrically with Zipforce is included - motor, battery, charger, wireless pedalling sensor and bike mount.

How does Zipforce work?

The wireless pedalling sensor is activated when users pedal and the motor provides assistance. With Zipforce, costumers can cycle up to 25 km/h, which is the maximum speed allowed for e-bikes. Zipforce has an adjustable assistance level, so costumers can set how much they want it to help power their bike. Costumers can change the assistance level infinitely with a control on the motor or via the Zipforce mobile app.