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Mobility & Energy
smart charing, demand-response, mobility app, energy management

Product client

Fleet managers, Charge Point Operators, Energy Communities



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Product end user

EV drivers, SMEs

ZenSite is an integrated solution for energy management and EV smart charging for companies and energy communities. ZenSite handles multiple sites and fleets and manages EV charging in response to the changing energy flows of the facility and the fleet's mobility needs.

We support customers in making optimal use of their energy assets, utilise onsite solar generation to limit e-mobility's carbon emissions, or reduce consumption peeks by shifting EV charging to low-consumption periods.

ZenSite integrates  with a wide range of energy assets (solar inverters, EV chargers, energy storage units, meters) and provides a single dashboard to manage and overview all energy flows. Customers can set up predefined or custom energy management strategies that automatically manage EV chargers to reduce charging costs, maximise self-consumption, and limit consumption peaks

Value Propositions

With ZenSite SMEs and energy communities make optimal use of their energy assets and manage EV charging to reduce charging costs and maximise self-consumption.

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