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Cycling, Cycling Infrastructure, Ecodesigned Solution, Safety

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Municipalities, Cities, Governments, Public Transport Authorities



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The Zebra® | Zero separators have been designed to improve safety for cycle lane users.

  1. They can be adapted to any kind of road surface.
  2. They are highly visible thanks to the fact that almost 40% of their surface is retroreflective.
  3. They are made with recycled plastic, so their environmental impact is minimal. They are ecodesigned products.
  4. They are highly resistant to impact and bad weather and they have 4 anchorage points in the road surface.
  5. They are competitive because they make it possible to carry out a project with minimal intervention on the public roads.

Value Propositions

We work to make cycling mobility safer and to make cities more accessible to all citizens. And we do all this by creating products manufactured using the waste generated by the cities themselves, in order to create a circular economy.

Patents, Trademarks or other certificates


  • 2009: PREMI design for recycling by Agencia de Residus de Catalunya
  • 2011: 2nd place as Best Recycled Product by the European Association of Plastics Recycling and Recovery Organisations. Recognized as a good practice by the Design for All Foundation.


  • Emblem of Guarantee of Environmental Quality
  • Blue Angel for the Material

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