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Future Mobility
MaaS, Smart Fleet management, autonomous transport, autonomous vehicles, last mile delivery, public transport

Product client

Cities, Municipalities, Counties, Public Transport Agencies, Transport Operartors, OEM, Autonomous Vehicle providers



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Product end user

OEM, Industrial sites, Airports, Ports, Universities, Hospitals, Public Transport Agencies, Public Transport Operators, Transport Operators

The xFlow®, Smart Flow Management, extends the smartness of autonomous vehicles by connecting them to transport companies and public service’s control centres.

xFlow® offers the possibility to integrate and connect an unlimited number of vehicles, road infrastructure sensors, traffic regulation functions and end user services to achieve a holistic system for transport automation.

xFlow® is selected by leading solution providers

and is in use for several transport types and vehicles types:

  1. Big busses and smaller shuttles
  2. Autonomous machines
  3. Vehicles and solutions for logistics

Value Propositions

Bringing autonomous processes to life - xFlow®, has a unique value proposition that enables operations of autonomous vehicles in all weather conditions, made scalable and at a low cost.

Patents, Trademarks or other certificates

Registrated trademark on xFlow®

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