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Mobility & Energy Pollution Reduction
e-moped, Mobility App, Micromobility, Noise reduction, Congestion, Zero carbon, e-scooter

Product client

Mobility Service Provider, Public Transport Authorities, Corporates



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Product end user

Citizens, Tourists, Employees

WYZE currently offers electric vehcles in three mobility service fields:

Corporate Fleets

E-vehicles in pooling format for organisations of all sizes, adjusting fleet size accordingly. Possibility of associating a technological solution to manage and monetize the fleets.

Last Mile Deliveries

Electric mopeds and bicycles serving short-distance urban deliveries with small and medium-sized volumes. WYZE rents vehicles and provides maintenance & repair services.

Lease to share

Rental of mopeds, bicycles and/or scooters to corporates, which then make them available for rental for periods of 1 day or longer to their end customers through an App.

Value Propositions

WYZE promotes lifestyle e-mobility with impact - through our e-mobility solutions we ensure that urban centres become more decarbonised, silent and aesthetic.

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