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Active Mobility Accessibility & Inclusivity
ridesafe, urbanmobility, e-bike turning indicators, e-scooters turning indicators, micromobility

Product client

e-bike, e-scooters users, including cargo-bikes and speed pedelec, cyclists



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Product end user

cyclists, e-scooters riders, cargo-bike riders, e-bike riders

WingLights Fixed are directional turn signals and indicators for bicycles and e-scooters that are mounted onto handlebars and are designed to help reduce near misses by making your direction intentions known by flashing amber and highlighting your position on the road. Sleek, lightweight and robust, WingLights Fixed come with 2x CR2032 batteries per unit included.

WingLights Fixed will fit into any bicycle, e-bike or e-scooter with round hollow handlebars. If your e-scooter has a crescent-shaped hollow then you will need an adaptor.

Value Propositions

Universal, patented turning indicators that make riders more visible and safer on the road, by making users intentions clear to other road users

Patents, Trademarks or other certificates

certificate of registration and patent

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