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Creating Public Realm Accessibility & Inclusivity
Mobile App, Citizen Engagement, Smart City Solution, Digital Democracy, Saas Mobile App, Public Engagement, Co-Creation, Community Engagement

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Municipalitites, Cities, Companies, Citizen Engagement Workshops, Organizations, NGO´s, Educational Institutions, Urban Development Departments



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Citizens, Employees, Employers, Decision Makers, Policy Creators, Urban Developers, Members, Leaders

WeSolve offers you a holistic and inclusive engagement tool, which allows you to understand your communities by actively engaging them in the creation of tomorrow! 

Community engagement has become the pillar of co-existing in a piece within local municipalities and co-creating sustainable and lasting solutions for a higher quality of life are essential to economic development. 

Our digital tool lets you create targeted engagement activities such as surveys, polls, idea collections, or the sharing of life experiences that give your communities and citizens the possibility to feel and be heard. 

Gather and share knowledge through your community in engaging ways and let them lead the discussion. 

Through the integrated AI-driven translation module WeSolve you fill in cultural gaps and breach the language barrier by engaging easily in over 60+ different languages and communicating clearly without misunderstandings. 


With WeSolve. 

Value Propositions

Gather data through engagement and understand the wants and needs from your communities and citizens by implementing them direction into your decision-making process through our holistic framework!

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