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Creating Public Realm Accessibility & Inclusivity
Mobile App, Citizen Engagement, Smart City Solution, Digital Democracy, Saas Mobile App, Public Engagement, Co-Creation, Community Engagement

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Municipalitites, Cities, Companies, Citizen Engagement Workshops, Organizations, NGO´s, Educational Institutions, Urban Development Departments



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Citizens, Employees, Employers, Decision Makers, Policy Creators, Urban Developers, Members, Leaders

WeSolve is a solution for municipalities to engage their citizens. The platform is designed to bridge the gap between nationalities, cultures, and people. 

The app has several features: including surveys, a collection of ideas, issue reporting, news, and an in-app reward system. Additionally, there is an automatic translation system that allows people to communicate across nationalities and languages. Through the issue-reporting function of the app, disadvantaged groups and minorities can make their voices heard by the municipality. This two-way communication method provides useful data that can be analysed and used for better decision-making.

The reward system is also designed to include sustainability and well-being-focused companies, as one gains points for participation which can be exchanged to plant a tree, get discounts or vouchers for sustainable products.

WeSolve helps to include minority groups in society, promoting inclusion and informing people.

Value Propositions

The engagement platform for communities, companies, cities, and you - to connect, converse and co-create a sustainable future that includes everyone, everywhere at all times!

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