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Active Mobility
cycling, digital platform, active mobility

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municipalities, ngos, businesses



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cyclists, citizens

Enhance your urban commuting experience with WeRide.Today:

  • Efficient Commuting: Access real-time cycling routes, weather updates, and safety alerts for a seamless daily journey.

  • Community Connection: Connect with local cyclists, businesses, and authorities to share valuable insights, tips, and contribute to a collaborative urban community.

  • Influence Infrastructure: Commuters, your voice matters! Provide direct feedback on cycling infrastructure to influence and improve urban mobility development.

  • Exclusive Rewards: Engage in challenges and promotions from local businesses, unlocking special discounts and rewards as a token of appreciation for your commitment to sustainable commuting.

  • Business Visibility: Municipalities and bike-friendly businesses, amplify your reach. Advertise your services directly to a dedicated urban audience through the WeRide.Today platform.

Experience the evolution of urban mobility. Download WeRide.Today now and be a part of the transformation!

Value Propositions

WeRide.Today transforms urban commuting: Real-time cycling data for efficient routes, community connection, infrastructure impact, exclusive rewards, and business visibility.

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