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Mobility & Energy Mobility Infrastructure
Charging station, EV charging, Car charging, Charging box, Load balancing

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Real estate, Parking, Condominiums, Businesses



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Product end user

EV car drivers, PHEV car drivers

A smarter kind of charging. The company's mission is to charge the maximum amount of cars without needing to increase power capacity.

Waybler offers a complete solution for charging electric vehicles – Swedish-made charging box, unique load balancing, administration interface, statistics tool, associated app, and more.

The company's charging boxes are optimised to charge the maximum number of cars using the electricity capacity available. Waybler’s patent pending dynamic load balancing and power management avoids costly power peaks and ensures cost-effective charging of electric vehicles.

With Waybler everyone will be able to charge their electric vehicle in a sustainable and affordable way.

Value Propositions

More EV car charging on the same power.

Patents, Trademarks or other certificates

Waybler trademark registered in EU, UK and Norway.

Load balancing algorithm (20 years)

Efficient load management that uses all available power for all phases
Continuous redistribution for max power usage according to prioritization
Prioritization based on several competing factors
No user action needed

Demand response – Flexibility (15 years)
Means for Demand response or/and Flexibility
Based on actual consumption in an area (not only 50Hz)

Back-up mode – communication loss (15 years)
Limited value
Back up mode that continue efficient charging without blowing fuse

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