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Walking, Mobility, Health, Sustainability

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Public transport authority, Public health office



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Citizens, Municipalities, Mobility Service Providers

Walk15 is a sustainable walking platform and an app that challenges, motivates, and rewards people to change their daily mobility habits by engaging local residents with Step Challenges and motivating with Step Wallet offers. The company helps cities and organisations reward people for being more healthy and sustainable!

With the help of Walk15 app and the platform, Steps Challenges can be created by cities, institutions, companies, or individuals - where participants compete to achieve certain goals, every step is counted and can be converted into real value: collected steps can be exchanged into special offers within the app's Steps Wallet (e.g. discounted carsharing trips, train tickets, etc).

Walk15 helps educate users about their positive impact to the environment when choosing walking over driving a car by growing ''virtual trees'' in the #walk15 app: 1km with a car produces 180g CO2 emissions, which require 5 trees to absorb.

Value Propositions

Walk15 Step Challenges and Step Wallet help increase citizens' motivation by creating value to walk more and choose more sustainable urban mobility options.

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