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carsharing, safety, automation

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Carsharing and rental hosts, commercial fleet owners, Public authorities for busses and minibusses



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commercial vehicle fleets, public transport vehicles, carsharing or rental hosts

VOOVOO provides real-time control over driving for commercial fleets to ensure drivers stay within speed limits, drive responsibly, and remain within operational boundaries. With VOOVOO, fleet owners can identify risky drivers and automatically stop the vehicle to avoid accidents. Technology is reducing fuel consumption, vehicle wear and tear, and insurance costs.

Carsharing and rental hosts can reduce the hazards connected with careless driving and enjoy a sense of security for as little as EUR 15–25 per month (depending on the package). Say farewell to the concerns and expenses associated with reckless and high-speed driving. 

Upgrade to VOOVOO and revolutionize the way you manage your carsharing and rental fleet. Contact us today to learn more and experience the benefits of VOOVOO.

Value Propositions

VOOVOO is an Active Safety provider, with real-time regulation of driving for carsharing/rental hosts, minimizing driver-associated risks and maintenance cost and delivering a sense of security.

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