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Sustainable City Logistics
SaaS, Last Mile Delivery, Fleet Management, E-Commerce, B2B

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Logistics Operators, Retailers, Groceries, Healthcare, Field Service Operators



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Logistics Operators, Retailers, Groceries, Healthcare, Field Service Operators

VONZU offers a SaaS to help logistics operators and retailers to optimise, integrate and keep track of last mile deliveries in one platform. Our technological solution enables the orchestration of the entire supply chain by integrating retailers and logistics operators into a single cloud-based platform. We digitalise and automate each step of the shipping and delivery process, so that goods are distributed in a more integrated, sustainable and profitable way. In the aim to meet the expectations of customers, who have become increasingly demanding regarding user-experience, our software is completely customisable, scalable and adaptable to any client.

VONZU supports the complete logistics process of a delivery company, optimising routes quickly and allocating them to the right drivers. Our solution enables real-time traceability for all the actors involved, including retailers and final customers, which receive exact information about the status of their delivery and real-time location of their parcel. It is important to mention that, even when a company outsources all distribution processes, our users have control over their outsourced delivery service in one platform regardless the operator(s) performing the service.

Value Propositions

Vonzu's SaaS aims at making logistics performance more efficient. By integrating our solution, retailers and logistics operators can reduce time, costs, resources and mileage, which means less pollution and less congestion in traffic, making cities more liveable and improving the quality of life of citizens. 

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