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University students, Young professionals, Families, Car dealers & rentals, Corporates



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University students, Young professionals, Families, Car dealers & rentals, Corporates

For 96% of the time vehicles remain parked while millions of people struggle every day to find a workable and affordable solution for their mobility needs. At the same time, mobility solutions have to be redesigned as there are no optimal ones: car rentals offer a complicated user experience, car sharing is of limited usability and public transport is not reliable. By providing a marketplace, Volvero connects owners and drivers effectively bringing to use underutilised vehicles and providing an extensive range of efficient mobility possibilities to the drivers. Having this access to transportation enhances people’s wellbeing by giving them freedom of moving, more possibilities, and eliminating social inequality. At the same time owners - both private and commercial - can significantly reduce their vehicles’ costs and make the ownership feasible. Car rentals and dealers have a chance to switch from the outworn business model to a profitable modern one.

Volvero means fewer vehicles and increased efficiency, for everyone:

Secure & economic sharing of private vehicles

Volvero is an app for sharing vehicles, it connects owners and drivers of vehicles in a simple, reliable, and innovative way. The owners have total protection over their vehicles, 24/7 assistance, and the Volvero tailor-made insurance.

Find Volvero vehicles fulfilling your mobility needs in your city

You can find vehicles around you that match what you are looking for, from your smartphone, with easy and fast access.

A win-win-win situation for cities, car owners, & citizens

Volvero allows to reduce the number of private vehicles, while being able to enjoy all the benefits of having a personal vehicle and with personalised insurance. Volvero is a solution where everyone benefits: owners can monetise their vehicles when not using it, while users can enjoy the commodity of the vehicle.

Value Propositions

Volvero creates a reality in which moving and travelling cannot solely be done when owning a vehicle or by using public transportation, but by creating a system in which whoever has a car, motorcycle or even a commercial vehicle can also lend it to someone else when they have no use for it.

Patents, Trademarks or other certificates

1 Trademark 1 national patent + 2 international patents 1 IP on the insurance policy

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