VePa: Vertical Parking

VePa provides the most space-efficient and sustainable parking infrastructure to facilitate the transition from traditional to zero-emission mobility concepts. VePa rethinks parking and mobility!

Supported by: EIT Urban Mobility

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Challenge Area addressed

Mobility Infrastructure

VePa helps companies and institutions to create efficient parking space or convert existing space into vertical parking. The VePa Tower vertically stores 12 cars in an area of two parking spaces (corresponds to approx. 40 m2).

In this way, the potential usable areas of real estate and within cities can be fully exploited and large amounts of CO2 are saved. This means that parking spaces can either be created efficiently and sustainably, or existing parking spaces can be converted and used for other purposes. With add-ons such as electric charging stations, photovoltaics, facade greening and advertising space, VePa Towers fit well into existing environments and offer a wide range of possible uses. 

The VePa Tower is a vertical parking system that works according to the circulation principle based on the established paternoster technology and is driven by an economical electric motor. VePa commits to the highest standards of quality, safety and aesthetics.