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Intermodality Mobility Infrastructure Mobility for All Pollution Reduction
Mobility Information, Real-Time, Integrated Mobility, All-in-one Dashboard, SaaS

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Facility Management Companies, Public Authorities, Office Managment, Airports, Train Stations, Attraction Parks, Restaurants, Shopping Center



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Citizens, Employees, Tourists

All your mobility needs in one place

Many cities are struggling with the increasing volume of traffic, noise, and air quality. VEOMO aims to support the transition to more sustainable mobility. However, VEOMO has noticed that many people do not even know which mobility services are available. The VEOMO Mobility Monitor simplifies access to information about available sustainable alternatives and shows all mobility services in the local environment in real time on monitors or screens of any kind or integrated directly into any other third-party software or APP.

One screen, one look, multiple options to find the best one for you

On the VEOMO Mobility Monitor, users can check out departure times and walking distance to close public transport stations, and shared mobility options, such as car-sharing, bike sharing or other on-demand mobility services. VEOMO pulls information directly form the service provider to inform about available options in real time in one place. Easily accessible information about sustainable mobility services within our daily routines can change mobility behavior of citizens, tenants, employees, and visitors.  

Value Propositions

VEOMO is aggregating the real time data of all the available mobility services and highlights them easily visible to passengers one place. Not only to provide all the information necessary to make a better choice for the best vehicle to all users, but also to encourage people to embrace a more sustainable mobility behaviour. 

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