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Active Mobility Multimodality Mobility Infrastructure Accessibility & Inclusivity
Public Transport, Bus Platform, Accessibility, Cycling, Modularity, Versatility, Ecodesigned, Safety

Product client

Public Transport Authorities, Municipalities, Governments, Cities, Bars, Restaurants



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Product end user

Cyclists, Bus users, Pedestrians, People with disabilities

The Vectorial® system makes it possible to transform urban space quickly and improve accessibility at bus stops. It also makes it possible to resolve the conflict between bikes lanes and bus stops when they coincide, to build sidewalks or to extend the existing ones, and to build islands and refuges for pedestrians very quickly. It is formed by modules that fit together, making it possible to construct a range of different configurations.

  1. It can easily be adapted to the available space.
  2. It can be installed and removed quickly and easily.
  3. It is competitively priced compared to permanent works and also compared to other prefabricated systems because projects can be carried out with minimal intervention on public roads.
  4. Its modules are manufactured with recycled plastic, so its environmental footprint is minimal. It is an ecodesigned product.
  5. It is highly resistant to bad weather, impacts and loads.
  6. The surface is non-slip; it drains rainwater and both its texture and its color can be personalized.
  7. It allows the installation of canopies, pole signs, bollards, traffic lights, benches, etc.
  8. It has reflecting strips on the sides ensuring visibility day and night.

Value Propositions

We work to make cycling mobility safer and to make cities more accessible to all citizens. Our Vectorial® system allows the assembly of platforms that improve urban accessibility in general, and accessibility at bus stops in particular. They are also made with post-consumer and post-industrial plastic waste.

Patents, Trademarks or other certificates

The Vectorial® system was recognized in 2014 as a GOOD PRACTICE by the DESIGN FOR ALL FOUNDATION. In 2011, the Vectorial® system was awarded in the product category at the 6th edition of the Recycling Design Awards of the Government of Catalonia. The Vectorial® system has the Emblem of Guaranty of Environmental Quality which is an eco-label that recognizes products and services that exceed certain environmental quality requirements beyond those established as mandatory by the current regulations.

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