Urban Logistics by Urban Radar

Benefit from a global vision of local delivery activity to implement policies for more efficient and sustainable urban logistics planning:enablingcurb

Supported by: EIT Urban Mobility

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Sustainable City Logistics

Decarbonize urban freight with Urban Logistics by Urban Radar.

Urban Radar cloud-based software aggregates real-time mobility and infrastructure data into a platform for planners. We provide visualization, analytics and predictive features.

Our platform works with different products. Urban Logistics by Urban Radar combines strong urban expertise and data platform technology to provide planners with delivery patterns and trends within cities.

  • Understand correlation between loading zones and actual deliveries
  • Measure delivery volumes
  • Map available loading zones

Urban Radar is trusted by the EIT Urban Mobility and urban planners all across Europe to make our cities more liveable, inclusive and safer.

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